"Ghost Sproket"

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by JohnnyLoves, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. JohnnyLoves

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    Yep, just installed one on my drive chain tonight! I can't believe how simple it was, and how easy it is to get rid of that noisy chain tensioner! I'll post some pics tomorrow morning, its a 44 tooth sproket from another kit.

    I did have 1 question, is it possible to paint some sort of design on it that will look cool when its spinning?

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Go to a sign shop and get a vinyl decal made. Much easier than paint.
    Make sure they use high performance vinyl and that you clean the sprocket
    with rubbing alcohol really well before application.

    If you have a vector program like CorelDRAW you could design it
    yourself and just have them cut from the file.
  3. JohnnyLoves

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    ...This stupid thing sent me over my handle bars today...it fell off and got snagged in the spokes of the back wheel, locked up the tire and killed the engine, jerked the bike out from under me and sent me over the handle bars.

    To make things worse my pants got caught on the handle bar extension so I got yanked backwards at the same time trapping my leg between the frame and the front wheel. A real mess, Good thing I was wearing a helmet! I didnt get knocked out and was able to roll off to the shoulder to let cars go by.

    I honestly dont know why it came loose, I thought the compression of the chain kept it in there pretty good.
  4. JohnnyLoves

    JohnnyLoves Member

    P.S. bike is fine, I'm bruised up so I think I'm going to leave it in the garage for a bit.
  5. cruiser66

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    It's good to hear that things didn't turn out too bad. This could have been a serious mess. You sure have run into a lot of different situations for a young guy from what I have read on your other posts. Your experiences are valuable to the rest of us members. My setup runs with no tensioners or ghost sprockets. I think it's much safer although it can be difficult to get just right. Hope your bruises heal fast and get back up on those wheels!:grin:

  6. MarkM

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    What is a ghost sprocket? MM :smile:
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  8. wanger

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    told u so when u put spring around motor why do people insist on building themselves death traps and then saying it just fell apart when just riding along
  9. JohnnyLoves

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    Those springs have held my motor better than the original mount...and before you say anything regarding my "deathtrap" please consider what it is we are refering to, a ghost sproket has little to nothing to do with the engine mount.
  10. fatboy67

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    Hey Johnny, the ghost sprockets I have seen are only small about 16 teeth.
    How did you fit a 44 teeth in? You're lucky it could have come out like a circular saw and nawed a chunk from ya leg. Anyway man your young those bumps will heal in no time. Try to always think SAFETY with these bikes.
    Try running it without no chain tensioner AND no 44 teeth ghost sprocket.
    That is if you have some adjustment in your frame for the back wheel
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  11. First I would just like to say I am glad you are alright Johnny.....

    I dont know anything about springs holding the motor, but I must say that unless your rear sprocket is mounted exactly perfect (which is highly unlikely), there will always be a tightening and loosening of the chain to some extent every revolution of the rear sprocket, which puts a strain on the motor and mounts on the tight part of the revolution. (The ghost sprocket will not solve this problem as I am sure you are aware.) I didnt like this, and did not like the stock tensioner, and I believe the only answer is some sort of spring loaded tensioner. I installed one and love it.


    My 2 cents worth.........
  12. JohnnyLoves

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    Alright well with nothing better to do this morning I figured out the problem. There is a small alignment issue between the engine sproket and the drive sproket, about a mm difference. This problem can't be correct because its just the way the engine and the frame meet, the old chain tensioner had the ability to pull the chain that mm it needed to make it perfect. The ghost sproket just rode the chain as is, which caused the problem. I'll stick with the old chain tensioner for now and when I can I'll take the plastic runner off and replace it with a 8 or 10 tooth sproket.
  13. JohnnyLoves

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    The springs the previous poster was refering to was my macguyver fix of a front engine mount which broke, I since have replaced the whole engine because of the safety issue.

    I really like you chain tensioner set-up, and lucky for me there is a tractor supply right down the road...I'll stop in and see what they have later today.

  14. mcassMB6

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    Johnny- Tractor Supply? Where! I didn't know this.
  15. JohnnyLoves

    JohnnyLoves Member

    Theres one on Mill Street in Foxon. Its kind of a small shop that sells general power equipment as well. I'm not sure to what detail they sell chain tensioners so I'm gonna run down there right now and look. Brb
  16. JohnnyLoves

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    Alright was just there, they dont sell any chain tensioners but they have chains and surprisingly they sell dirt bikes...however, in regards to our little motorbikes I dont think they carry anything good.
  17. Jax Rhapsody

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    How the h3ll...
    Anyway does the ghost sproket just sit in the chain or is it held somehow?
  18. JohnnyLoves

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    Its theoretically just supposed to ride in the chain and turn as the chain is turning, if you can get it to work its got to be the quietest chain tensioner around....that is, if you can get it work....