Giant Suede-E speed de-limiter?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Matt K, May 10, 2010.

  1. Matt K

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    Hey Guys!
    I have been riding a Giant Suede-E for almost 3 years now and I have about had it with the speed limit circuitry. I found a forum with the mod to 'trick' the bike into thinking it was going full speed with the flip of a switch but now I want to 'outmanuever' the limit switch if it is possible without re-building the d**n thing. He has been good to me so far so I do not want to kill him. Anybody out there have any ideas or suggestions? (I've already built a 2-stroke, so please don't suggest a gas engine :grin5:) I really like the quiet of the electric.


  2. safe

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    The most obvious and "brute force" approach is to simply buy a replacement controller and override the one you have. Just disconnect the existing system and take the power directly from the battery and run it through the new controller and out to the motor. Keep in mind this is rated at only 240 watts, so don't try to upgrade to 1000 watts and think it will work without burning up the motor. (500 watts might work if you are careful while riding it)

    For a more subtle and graceful solution you are going to have to actually dig into the existing controller and it's quirks. My guess is that they probably threw enough traps into the design to slow you down as much as possible.

    This is a good example of an existing ebike with "speed limiting" technology. It's actually something I'd want to do to pass the legal hurdles if I got into selling electric bicycle road racers. (people always hate speed limitation devices... it's the first thing that gets removed when someone buys a bike with one)
  3. Matt K

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    I agree totally with your statement about the "speed limiting factor" if you were selling them. I would want the same to cover my a**, just like the Mfgrs do. However it seems as if Giant has bent over backwards to keep us out of 'thier' controller. (snicker)
    I was just hoping someone 'out there' had managed to dig into the controller and found a bypass.
    I have contacted the local university here in north Texas and spoke to one of the advisors concerning hiring a electronics student (3rd or 4th year hopefully) to draw out(?) the circuit diagram by tracing out the actual controller. Did I say that right? I'd much rather overpay a hungry student that a professional type at a business, if you could find someone to do this in the first place. I might even be able to get the kid to teach me a few things along the way.
    Thanks Safe for your input! Anybody else? Please?