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    Hello everyone.

    Love the site. :tt1::tt1:

    It is nice to know I am not the only lunatic out there.

    I love powering up bikes. I have old two-strokes from Europe, new two strokes from China, and Cyclone electric converts on new and old bikes, a tandem and a trike.

    I am currently struggling to convert my unicycle so if anyone has any ideas.....

    Have you seen the electric bikes in the Isle f Mann this year. ubercool.

    Woody is actually the name of my favorite bike. He is a limited edition Kona 88 shop style bike. It came with a lockable glovebox and wooden wheels and I have fitted a recycled Rimu ( nice NZ native timber like a hard red pine) which is why it is "Woody". My wife says that I treat Woody like a member of the family and she is quite uncomfortable with it. Oh well, as Woody grows up maybe they will get on better......

    I have also fitted motorbike head and tail lights with low and high beam, and because they are running at 29V ( 24V LiFePO4 fully charged) they are way bright. I look like a 737 coming into land.

    It also has a Panasonic car stereo with USB and a remote. The USB is a really good idea because when riding the CD skips and the radio gets interference from the motor. (needs a filter) But the USB is really stable and interestingly uses about 5W less than either radio or CD. 10W at full volume. That means with a 24V 10AH battery it runs for 24Hours, with two on-board 48 hours. Cool. The stereo removes from the bike as do the batteries so it is a mobile sound system. It takes a microphone or guitar through the aux port.

    It needs a wee bit to be finished. I am making ammo case battery boxes with control circuits and cigarette lighter sockets. It will have the option to carry one or two depending on your journey.

    It has a 500W cyclone motor and does about 35kph with a 20km range with one battery, 40 with 2.

    I will also fit wooden veneer to the side panels and speaker surrounds.

    Well I guess that is me. I will post some more photos or have a look at a **** video on youtube.

    I guess in the interest of open and honest discussion I should also mention I am the proud distributor/dealer of Cyclone products in NZ. Although I should mention I am logged on this for fun only and only sell Cyclone because I love them and can offset some money towards more bikes.

    All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power...........


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  2. bamabikeguy

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    Pic 3 puts my "50 bike wheels hanging from my fence" artwork to shame.

    Welcome !

    (walks away, head hung in envy, kicking the dirt)
  3. woody

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    Lets see it

    Where is the photo matey?

    Love to see it.

    The one I like is using my wifes electric bike to power the lamb on the spit. Built it one morning with 50 guests coming out of two axle stands and an extra chain. It ran for 5 hours on two cheap SLA batteries and was still going when we carved up little bo peeps keep.
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    Welcome, Woody!
    Cheers, Klox