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  1. hi everybody , my name is captain im a motorcycle mechanic of 27 years and have worked on most every thing. i've been building and riding motorized push bikes for nearly 3 years latest creation is a shogun 5 with mag wheels disc brakes front and rear 34 sprocket fully port matched grubbee 70 . my daily ride is a 55 no name with 36 sprocket and royce union frame.
    hope i can help with any problems you guys are having and get a look at some of your rides. captain:lol:

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    Hi Captain,
    I think with that sort of experience with motors you'll be a handy guy to have on this forum :)

    I've just started with mine [a Zbox 66cc] and it's the first 2stroke I've ever had to deal with. Well, aside from my wife's bike which was a 2stroke Honda, but it had a separate oil tank and a light on the dash to tell you when to put more oil in!

    So I mixed up my first 5L tin of fuel and 2stroke oil at 16:1 like the instructions said - I calculated that out to be a bit under 300ML in a 5L tin.

    What are the consequences if you get the mixture wrong?
    I would expect that if you have not enough oil you could kill the engine when it's still new. But what about if you put in too much oil? Just as bad?

    What about even after it's run in - is it better to have a little bit of extra oil in there for safety?
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  5. hi merlin. ive found that running 18/1 is the best oil mixture with the needle in the top notch. the motor runs a little lean but will rev nice and high with no spluttering. its very close to sea level here(60 metres).if you get it a little wrong its not too bad , alot and she'll sieze.the oil mixture affects the fuel/air mixture as they run thru 1 jet,take oil away and it gets more fuel , too much fuel and it wont rev high ,too little and it'l get hot . 18/1 is the best mix with el cheapo oil after engine is run in...dont worry about the smoke
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