giving your bike a 3 speed transmission

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by modificationvt, Apr 17, 2009.

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    Sorry if this was talked about before, but I tried to search for it and didn't find anything.

    Has anyone used a 3 speed hub as a sort of make shift transmission for any of their bikes?

    Despite not even having my first motor kit here I was up last night thinking about some how suspending a 3 speed hub between the motor and the rear wheel (yes there would be some alignment issues to figure out) and there for give the bike a 3 speed transmission.

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    you know what they say -- if there's a will there's a way


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    Welcome, a 3 speed transmission geared to the engine would make it illegal in almost all places.
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    I have suggested this use in a number of places, and am in the process of implementing it as a mid-frive for my trike conversion. I have a Shimano three speed rear hub, and am cutting the center out of a sprocket in a 6 tab pattern to be able to bolt it to the right side spoke flange so as to have 3 gears on the pedal side of my drive train. Since I am doing the power side with an HT engine, it will be direct to the rear axle via a freewheel sprocket, so that I can bolt the mechanical disc brake to the left side of the 3 speed hub.

    I'd do a jackshaft and feed the power side through the hub, but with the engine in the rear triangle where the wheel was intended to go, there just isn't room for the jackshaft, and I don't want to stretch the length of the mounting frame to accomodate one.

    I got a 1KW aircraft audiliary generator from military surplus intended for use in the event of engine failure, and plan to match it to a 1.5 HP 4 stroke engine as an auxiliary power source for an electric drive conversion of a home built recumbent I just recently got from an old lady for $20. Her son died in a catr accident, and he had the bike - she just wanted to get rid of it. I plan to convert it to a delta recumbent trike with a 36V/750W electric motor as power assist through the pedal drive train, which already has a Shimano 8 speed hub.

    First is the gas trike conversion, though.
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    I am trying to do the same thing.
    Do you have any pic's of how you did yours and how many teeth on the sprockets ? I want to have super hill climbing power and still be able to do 30-35 MPH....Thanks for any info...POPS
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    POPS... I sent you a private message.