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    My name is Gideon Ephratah. I live in central Arizona. I have been working on my build for a year and a half now. I call my bike "Sarge" because I started with a Felt MP bicycle. I tool around with him now, but am currently working on a custom fuel tank, side boxes and heavy duty hitch by way of improvements.

    I also bought a 1951 JC Higgins women's cruiser for my wife of 24 years... it is going to be a fun build. And then we can go cafe racing on the weekends!

    Any body else live in or around the Cottonwood/ Sedona area? Looking for riding buddies.

    Looking forward to making new friends!

    Adios Amigos!

  2. professor

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    Hi Gideon, you have the most biblical full name I have ever heard!
    Welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. Scooter Trash

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    Uhhhh yeah.... I know.

    Hey Prof,

    Ever hear the song- 'Boy named Sue'? Growing up for me was something like that. :)

    Thanks for the contact,

  4. professor

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    Sorry to hear that. But, at least the state you live in is the best for motorbikes.
  5. Scooter Trash

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    What doesn't kill you... makes you stronger!

    I used to hate the name. Now I'm ok with it... at least people remember it.


    Hey thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. I'm new at these.

    I see you are from New York. My wife has family upstate. She would love to take me to the city one day. As for me the furthest east I've ever been is New Knoxsville Ohio.

    Biking is no-doubt seasonal in Buffalo. We can bike year round here.

    Yes thanks to Spookytooth Bikes... Arizona is a haven for people like us. Indeed, that is why we came here. Well the weather was a factor too. I came from up north. The older I get the less I like winters!

    I didn't see a picture of your scooter on your profile page. What are you riding?

    I've been working on my profile today, but I'm not sure the pics have posted yet.

    Any way my friend, it is good to meet a fellow "Bicyer"... gotta love it!

  6. azbill

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    welcome from FH :)
  7. Scooter Trash

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    Thanks Bill,

    Looking forward to getting to know you better. Next time I have business in the valley, I'll make it a point to drop in.

  8. professor

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    I never knew about pics in our profile
    Oh, and we are 400 miles west of NYC.
    I'm in the electric group here- only electric will be legal here, in preparation for that I built a gas/electric (detailed in the electric section) and now am doing a FS electric with "V" belt drive- will post something on it if it works OK.
  9. Scooter Trash

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    Cool! I'll check it out. Have you considered unifying the New York MBers into a cohesive union, and initiating a class action suit in order to open up the state for less restrictions with regard to motored bikes? If enough of you are like-minded, the expense of hiring an attorney would be minimal for each plaintiff... or perhaps there is an attorney already on the roster in this forum... hmmmmmmm... did I say that out loud? :) G