Glad they finally got the oil spill kinda fixed

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by plinko, May 16, 2010.

  1. plinko

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    Heard they ran a pipe to drain the oil spill.After one month It's about time.I personally hold B.P. responsible as they were quoted saying we can handle a worst case scenario Instantly.Yet,even though the weather was kinda bad for 3 or 4 days It took them way too long to try to fix this problem.I just hope light crude Is easier to clean than heavy crude which Is still present In alaska from the valdez.

  2. ashley johnson

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    it has been something their have not rushed to sort out.
  3. metal

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    On the news this morning it said the pipe is routing 1/5 of the oil to a tanker. So I guess the other 4/5 of the oil is still going right into the gulf. Jeeze.
  4. plinko

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    Agreed my fair lady
  5. plinko

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    I know metal.I am just trying to keep faith through this.And I think personally this could have been dealt with sooner and put under control.I think It's been put off longer than should have been.I feel like the bp could have contained this sooner and all this Is propaganda to cause fear.Problem Is,Many species of aquatic life could be wiped out.And just what If the spill did not stop for a few years?Oil would cover the atlantic ocean and mess up human life as we know It.I doubt that will happen.But what If?Pray for the best and try to be optimistic.2010 been a rough year so far.
  6. metal

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    Oh, my comment wasn't directed towards you, I was just kinda slapping my forehead about BP. They really don't care about this disaster, they'll just do the absolute bare minimum to fix it, to get the government off their backs.
  7. GearNut

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    From scientific commentaries I have read concerning the suction pipe installed, it really is not doing much at all. It is more like a show of effort. A "look at us and feel good because we are trying something".
    The greatest concern now is the collateral damage caused by the dispersants that they are using.
    Apparently the stuff can be quite toxic to the marine life (they are not sure so why the heck would they use it?), not to mention that any oil affected by it will fall down to the ocean floor. Not cleaned up, just no longer able to wash up on shore. Now the stuff is laced with an apparently toxic dispersant, being carried by the water currents on the ocean floor farther out to sea.
  8. metal

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    I was thinking about that the other day. They're "getting rid" of all this oil by dumping some chemicals on it? It sounded pretty fishy.