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Sep 30, 2006
I know there ain't gonna be any sympathy from folks in the iced over midwest, BUT it's the middle of January, and yesterday I got a couple of pix of Canadian Geese on the pond. WTH??

We are on the flyway, but what the heck are they doing up here in the middle of January ???

PLUS, the daffodils in the yard are "trained" (there are 13 varieties) to bloom a week later than anybody elses. Well, one popped up 2 days ago, 10 days earlier than normal. PLUS, the neighbors crocuses have ALWAYS come up before ours, and this year a small crocus was sitting there in the beginning of January.

60 degrees Monday afternoon, and the weather map is blue this morn, brrrrrrrrr, hope it warms up before I head to the Gulf..... :eek:

Anybody else notice strange weather happenings?


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Nov 4, 2006
the great white.....kansas

no signs of global warming here lately. I don't remember ever seeing this much sleet. we missed most of the freezing rain, but we have over 2 inches of ice on the ground. It could possibly get above freezing tomorrow, but it's been snowing for the last couple hours. I really can't complain......before this started last thursday, it was in the 50's every day for the past couple weeks.
"they" say if you don't like the weather in kansas...stick around, it'll change.


there are those that'll tell you the harsh winter is also a result of the "warming" trend...i just go with the flow & try to be part of the solution 'steada part of the problem 8)

in washington state: if you don't like the weather, too frikkin bad!! :LOL: