Gloves wear them or not

do you wear gloves

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I used to wear gloves while going for rides in the cold BUT my brother wiped out on his motorcycle at 45 kmh and was covered in road rash arms legs shoulders hands he said it's not too bad nothing really hurts but his hands he took chunks out of his skon he has a hard time eating working driving and even wiping he said he went out for the first time in a long time with no gloves and recommends that I and everyone i know with a bike like ours wears gloves to protect hands you can handle road rash all over but you need your hands to function and he's having a heck of a time doing things with his messed up hands.

With that being said please all you guys and gals out there please find yourself a good pair of gloves and wear them i made it part of my routine ! check bike over bolts gas etc 2 helmet and gloves and 3 ride ride ride, I also always wear pants and a long sleeve shirt I don't care how hot it is i like my skin and intend to keep it.

I started a new post so you all would see this and it wouldn't be buried in another one somewhere.

Have a good long safe ride
When I took a good fall on my Suzuki Katana a few years back I was glad to be wearing some leather gloves, they were all torn to heck. Without them I would have been in the same situation your bro is in now. They'll definitely save your digits.
I bought gloves before my engine kit arrived. I thought it was a good investment. I don't want to loose too much skin in an accident and that's why I bought them. I bought the kind with the tips of the fingers cut out so if I stop in a store I can still get to my wallet with no problems and my pockets too. I recommend gloves to everyone.
Once, many years ago, I was cycling to the laundromat. Because I was only going to the laundry, I left without helmet and gloves. I was "sitting up" (on a road bike...ten speeds, full Campy with a drop bar. The standard of the day) with a bag o'laundry under my left arm. As I went around a corner, (to the right,) the front tire skidded sideways for maybe five inches. When I fell ,I suffered a road rash on my right arm and took two small chunks (maybe a quarter inch in diameter and a quarter inch deep,) out of my left palm.

The holes in my palm pained me terribly, and lasted for about six weeks. I could not comfortably grip a handlebar, nor lean on that hand, for that whole time. Since then, I have Known that gloves are NOT for comfort while riding, But rather for comfort after a fall.

Another time, considerably after that, I was Knocked off my bike, at speed. In that fall, both of my cycling gloves were torn to shreds, but my hands suffered no damage. (But the rest of me was very sore, with pulled muscles and bruises.)

Nowadays, I ALWAYS wear gloves and (DOT approved) helmet.
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I'm pretty adamant about wearing gloves just for the facts mentioned above. I get a funny looking tan lol
I don't like wearing gloves at all and only wear then when it's below 30 degrees out and only when riding. Gloves take away from feeling your controls I think.
I think this way because I used to be a mechanic and I needed to feel what I was doing. It's just what I'm used to. I mean they even have these Mechanic gloves now that today's mechanics swear by cause nothing leaves their grip,it's plenty thin and at the end of the day their fingernails are still clean.
Not me. I need to feel what I'm doing. And yes. That ties in with the handling of my bike.
(I still don't wear a helmet and I'm not proud of that. But I dunno. It's just me I guess. That stuff kinda smudges me or something... I need to change about that helmet though)
Who needs gloves? I only wear gloves when its real cold outside. On the nice days you will see me riding in shorts and a T shirt. I'm not afraid of getting scraped up If I crash. It won't be my first time. I am more concerned about hitting my head! I don't know how anyone can stand wearing gloves in the middle of the summer.