Going down my street almost full, i got up to 42.5km/h

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    New video!!!!

    Me going down my street almost full, i got up to 42.5km/h, i can get it to about 45km/h but its scary going around that bend at that speed lol. It looks slower in the video, it feels so much faster. I filmed a on-board camera video but its to shaky so im fixing my mount then ill do it again. My tripod i got on there ( video of my mount on my yt account ) it moves a bit so i gotta tape the camera back to the handlebars as well so it cant move forwards and backwards.

    Have fun guys,

    From Brendon.v

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    I love the sound when you first pedaled off to start before it caught. Sounded like a bo.... I mean,....um..... bubbling water.