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    hi, gary here. me and the wifey are 53 and live in central ill. about 20 min. from spfld. we are getting our home ready for sale and will be hitting the road with our full size hightop chevy van and 30' travel trailer. it's nothing new to us as we did the same thing for 4 years about 26 years ago. we will be working as we go doing elevated photography and advertising sales and hard telling what else, whatever we feel like doing at that particular time to make money and enjoy life. i'm getting ready to buy a couple bike motors and install and i may buy some extra motors to sell along the way. i figure we will go north in the summer and south when it gets cold. we'll prob do this a few years till we decide to settle somewhere it doesn't get too hot and humid and is lacking in mosquitos and high population density. been trying to sell the wifey on the idea of buying a sailboat:boat: to live on and travel and in over 20 years of trying i still can't convince her that the way to go, i'm still not giving up that dream though. hope to meet some of you peeps when were out cruising.:cool2:

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    Good luck on the home sale! Sounds like a fun adventure! Living in Hawaii is great, but it makes for short road trips ;) Sailboats are a blast, would love to have one myself! Very expensive hobby though!
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    Hi Gary,

    Highly rec. for the wife a system with the Robin/Subaru 35...easiest thing I've EVER had to crank, 1st pull every time, and a heckuva lot smoother pull than any weedeater or lawnmower.

    You? Whatevah. But I promise, your wife will be smiling all the time on with a R/S.