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    Hello, I finally have access to the tools and stuff now to build my own moped.
    I need some information on what doesn't work and what I should be doing.
    I have a Polini Clone 49cc LC

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    it's a bust

    I was going to mount a liquid cooled 49 cc engine to my mountain bike.
    Since the pump would run via a sprocket along the chain.
    My overall concern was that in idle the liquid pump was not running.
    If I were to idle too long in the summer I could blow a gasket or send the spark plug flying out.
    It's too much to worry about.
    I am going to trade this engine for an air cooled version.
    Nothing is welded in place yet and I've changed bicycles.
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    Welcome and glad you joined us. Good catch on the water pump issue. There are a lot of smart people around that are glad to help. Have fun.
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    I researched the issue at a bike shop and they were extremely helpful.
    They said I need another type of bell housing. One that the pump attached to the drive sprocket directly via rubber belt.
    It was a really good question for him. He agreed it "could" overheat.
    I said ok I'll use a kill switch and not let it ilde for more then a minute or two.
    I will explain what I mean when I get the part next week. Will post pics.