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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MoonKS, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. MoonKS

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    I have a 2007 NE5 - It is a 24" and I like it well enough. I REALLY want to get white/cream tires but there is no one right now that I can get those tires from in 24" other than Coker Tires at $249 per tire :shock:

    So it is late and I was thinking - and I haven't gone in the garage to do any measurements - but is it possible to put 26" rims on a 24" 2007 NE5 Whizzer? I can get the tires I want and the look I want at that size.



  2. KilroyCD

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    I have a 24" NE5 as well, and I'm contemplating the same thing. I believe you can retrofit the 26" rims and tires, but you will also have to change the fenders. The 24" fenders shouldn't have quite enough clearance.
    I'm thinking about this for a winter project. I don't want it to eat into my riding time this summer.
  3. Whizzer sizing

    Hi Guys, the ONLY differences in 24 and 26 inch Whizzers are......Wheels, Tires, fenders, fender braces, and moving your front fender brace/fork stablizer up to the lower hole.

    Rear fender tab is ommited, and factory painted fenders are availble from any Whizzer dealer (including, of course.....me), or if needed Whizzer.

    Easy deal, not real cheap unless you re-lace the hubs into the bigger rims.

  4. MasterLink

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    ive seen a lot of stuff on the net about painting tires and rims these days
  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hey Moon,
    There was a time when Whizzer used a 24" & a 26" frame, but I think they are all the same now [26"]. I think the 24" is a 26" with 24" parts [wheels, fender braces, etc.]. I know on some 24" models the bottom fender tab had several washers spacing it from the frame, and some had an extension bracket where the fender mounted to the frame [near the seat post area] at the top. Most of my new edition Whizzers are 24", because they have a little more "pep" when leaving the stop sign. The height difference is only 1" but the wheel diameter is the major difference. I had one of my customers convert his 24" to 26", but he only removed the additional washers, the extension bracket, raised the front fender brace, and replaced the braces with the chrome brace kit from Whizzer [he used the original 24" fenders].
    Have fun,
  6. MoonKS

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    I think I am going to scrap the idea of going from 24" to 26" - I would just be throwing money away.

    I really need to find 24" white or cream colored tires - there HAS to be some in this world besides the $250 per tire Cokers.
  7. bill green

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    Hi Matthew Take A look at www.universalcycles.com they have 24 inch white halo tire for 31.00 each . Hoppe this helps Bill
  8. MoonKS

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    Hi Bill - I saw those tires - they are nice - but they are blackwalls...I want all white or preferably all cream

    Coker has them in white, Felt has them in cream (but out of stock for the last 8 months and not available in the foreseeable future according to Felt). Schwalbe makes a sweet cream tire - but not in 24.

    I can buy the cokers but do I REALLY want to put $500 tires on the Whizzer???? Heck, no problem - I'll just eat Ramen noodles for a few months.. :smile:

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  9. MasterLink

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    i think the biger the tire the slower you would go thats why i said paint them side walls
  10. MoonKS

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    Hey Bill,

    I cancelled my two month old order for the Thick Brick Felt tires at the local bike shop and ordered those Halo Twin Rails in white today. Should have them sometime next week. I'll let you know how they work out :)


  11. bill green

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    HI matthew look forward to seeing them on your bike . Bill