Tires going from 26" with regular tires to 24" with balloon tires

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by metal, May 3, 2010.

  1. metal

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    I'm building a board track-inspired bike, and I want a 3 inch wide balloon tire out back, but there isn't quite room. It dawned on me that if I went down to a 24 inch rim, the 3 inch wide bricks would fit on the rear, especially since they're 2.7 inches wide on a rim (or so I've read). Has anyone else gone down a size in rims like this, did it look goofy or anything? I'm going to use a quick brick on the front and a thick brick on the rear, kinda for a more "motorcycle-y" look.

  2. darwin

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    Gonna need new brakes and your crank will be alot lower to the ground and can mess you up going around a corner.
  3. wildemere

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    I've done the fat and skinny thing, 27 x 1ΒΌ front and 26 x 2" rear in a cruiser, looked cool and rode fine. Actually increased ground clearance.

    When I put a 26 x 1.5" wheel & tyre set in a 27" road bike frame the ride improved but the pedal clearance decreased like what darwin said, carefully round corners or you'll hang up on a pedal.
  4. Pirate Cycles

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    Love the Thick Bricks

    Here they are for sale.. Just in case you were to ask where to get some.. I love how the thick bricks ride.

    The El guapo utilizes the 24's and it just rides sweet.. I had to use a 5/8 offset motor mount to allow for proper chain clearance though. IMG_0999.JPG

    Just ordered the Felt Vintage Iron Pursang Bultaco replica motostrano_2106_10462826.jpg Next build!
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  5. domino

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    Hey Pirate...Is that one of Jim's motor mounts on the El guapo?
  6. Pirate Cycles

    Pirate Cycles New Member




    Those are the mounts from AMPT.
    They give a nice solid connection. Price wise not as much as the Ridley mounts but still kinda expensive. I have not received my Jim mounts yet. Cant wait to try them.

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  7. plinko

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    That bultaco replica Is one awesome ride.I can's wait to get the speed carb upgrade to go on the ported Intake I bought off you.Hey pirate.If you don't mind send me a pm later and recommend me a few bicycles with a hardcore frame beachcruiser or chopper style good for a 6'3 person that can handle a morini style motor.
  8. 3dhermit

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    Hey Pirate , have you revived jims motor mounts, i just bought a el guapo and need to get motor mounts. Do you have a link to this product, I've seen the amp mounts and they look good, just want to explore all my options, thanks a ton!
  9. Pirate Cycles

    Pirate Cycles New Member

    Working on it.

    No not yet. I am using the amped on that one.. I did send Jim a felt Revolver to make mounts for it I just don't know where he is with them. Lots of stuff cooking for the summer.

    I do have a guy re-making me some Felt specific accessories in black. Heres the chain tensioner he did up. Look familiar. The Motor mounts will be here this week. The rear mount will articulate unlike the stationary Ridley rear mount. Ill update pics when they arrive.

  10. 3dhermit

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    Cool thanks man I am gonna order the amped ones tonight, I thought he made mounts as a product already, I'm new to the forums. Look pretty sweet and that chain ten, hopefully it cost you a lot less than the ones I seen, ridiculous price they got em at. Thanks for the info and yeah still post those new mounts.
  11. Pirate Cycles

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    I was able to save the end user 20% off the price of the ridley tensioner. Not much but it beats a stick in the eye.

    We are calling this line "Holy Mackerel bike Products"... HMB for short.

    Only reason we did the remake on them is because Ridley sold out a few months back and I do not believe they are making the MB products anymore.

    Ill keep you posted as the new products arrive..

  12. domino

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    Hey Justin, When do you anticipate having the HMB products available, ie chain tensioner. As stated earlier, I'm waiting on my engine mounts and sprocket adapter from Jim, although I see you the 110 adapters also. I'll hang loose for a few more day hoping to get Jim's stuff soon. Approx tensioner price?
  13. Pirate Cycles

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    I have 10 chain tensioners here now. I can sell them for 140.00. Mounts came just now.. Heres some quick pics.. Look how the rear mount can be offset or regular just by spinning the inner piece. Front mount can be offset as well. I can offer these for 160.00. He also is making a billet keg can gas tank that sounds as if its gonna be pretty nice. He is using the bracket idea from my can as shown rest will be in billet. We have about 60 CB110's in stock with another 100 on order. Trying to stop the out of stock thing from happening all together.






  14. 3dhermit

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    All those parts look nice, those motor mounts are wicked how they are adjustable, I'll be picking up a chain tensioner for sure , need to save some cash, getting my motor kit today so excited!