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    ok i just bought a used frame with rear suspension and i would like to have a little input on what you think.

    the frame is a Marin Team F.R.S all aluminum i was going to take all the parts off of my giant boulder and put on it. i also plan on putting sickbikes shift kit on it

    i was goofing around and found this that i thought would be good on it but i need the frame first to find out measurements first.

  2. Hi,

    Wow....that frame is NICE....I never knew there was another frame out there with a usable rear suspension (only one I knew of before this one was the old GT LTS frames) that would work with a HT engine.....Interesting design....looks like a modified front fork back there.....

    Good luck on your build.....PLEASE post pics of your build (I am waiting for my frame to come in ( the GT LTS frame) for my build....I'm basically doing the same thing....Pirating all the parts off another bike to use on a suspension frame....Shifter kit too....I really can't wait to get started!!!

    Have fun!

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    i like the back think it will work verry well i am going to take the 80 off of my nishiki and put on it.
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    The 80mm travel fork you mention will be a much better choice than the double crown long travel fork shown in your original post. That Marin frame was also sold as the Manitou FS. A couple of cavets to watch for when using this frame. These frames have a problem with the headtubes cracking/splitting from the top and bottom of the tube. Inspect closely and often. Second the tubing for this frame is really really thin thru the middle section of the three main tubes, so you may want to spend some time making custom motor mounts that distribute the the stresses of the motor across a wide area. You do not want to be drilling holes thru the down tube of this frame set for a front motor mount. Other than that it should make for a really fun project & motored bicycle.

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