going out the same door i came in

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    there once was a boy din't have a very nice mommy. her favorite thing, besides the horrible things she was always saying, was slapping that little guy across the head, HARD open-hand smacks that rung his ears & blurred his vision. in the beginning, her hand was bigger than his head. he got several of these at once, left right left right, several times a week. prolly 10,000 blows or more to the noggin in his 1st 18 years of "life"...the humiliating part was that it didn't matter where it was or who was watching...it was ok to beat your kids in the 60's. let's not talk about the butcher knife scars on his chest, he has to look at 'em every day as it is, and that's bad enuff.

    needless to say, he grew up cynical & angry, physically & mentally damaged.

    that's unfortunate, because he was also blessed with tons of talent.

    later in life he wound up on disability, grateful that he'd somehow managed to spend enuff time in the service and hold jobs long enuff to earn a decent social security check & medical benefits. he was diagnosed as bi-polar for lack of a better fit, but we know it was really those hits to the head, don't we? that's why 4 years of meds didn't work, there isn't a chemical disorder but true physical damage...yaknow, his ears still ring, never have stopped. it's inconvenient.

    he lived a withdrawn life, content to be surviving.

    then, an engine on a bicycle, how perfect!

    he discovered a small forum, and got REALLY excited...boy that boy can GET excited. then 3 years of whirlwind MB'activity filled the time, and lots of attention he wasn't used to and didn't know how to handle. most of the time, the best he could do was try to keep himself this side of morality. he did alright, but was always tested. he didn't understand why people would test him so long as he kept giving back, but there it was anyway. too confusing, too intense...

    and now he's withdrawing again...but he's got that MB, and so do thousands of other people. it's nothing new for him to move on, but it was new to him to remain out in the open for so long. but NOW he has accomplished something, and he feels a bit better about his life as a whole...

    and he can start to recall & smile...

    that is, just as soon as he gets over the back-biting, the intolerance, the greed, the THINGS people do and say to each other...

    people who criticised w/o offering help or solutions, people who glad-handed him to boost their own sales agenda, people who said "this" to your face but "that" to everyone else, people who thought that it was ok to use a medical problem as an insult or as a weapon against him.

    so...here i am, at the other end of one heck of a journey, mostly good & that's what kept me going...but some bad too, and that's the part about interacting with people i just can't handle, i never see it coming & am always suprised but i guess i shouldn't be.

    the forum is in great shape, the "movement" is what it will be, a mostly fragmented gathering that may or may not ever become more. Tom's just about to try to build a builder's network, one of the final things i had in my dream for MBc. he's also tightened up on the commercialism, yay Tom! and, he's finally given the heave-ho to some what had it coming for some time. YAY again!

    i don't know what i'll be doing, i'm trying to find a lil hidaway, someplace with long roads and no people, where i can go and learn to look back on this and smile.

    so, this ain't a "scrooyoo" (except to those who won't be able to resist posting some asinine remark) but more of a "i think we BOTH coulda done better and it sucks that you blame it all on me."

    good luck to those who have it coming, and to those who don't i hope YOU get what YOU have coming, too.

    i have a brand new tweaked 49cc on the way for sabrina, a few other nice treats for her as well. and i have a self-assuredness that despite my major social problems i made a major social impact, and that's pretty cool :cool2:

    ps-somebody please contact me about taking over the racing forum, it's a good thing and worth preserving & promoting.

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    Very well said.
    As much as I would like you to stay. I understand a man has to do what he has to do.
    Still hope to meet you.
    Your posts will be missed.
    Your a good person Augi.
    Good Luck in all you do.
    Be safe.
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    As this thread slowly fades to the hollows of darkness never to read again.... I will always respect one mans vision and dream of greatness within the motoredbike movement.
    On my very first day you were the very first voice I heard. Welcoming me into a vast sea of knowledge. Its only rite to say thanks and I wish you well in life. Augi, God bless, and be healthy.
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    "the day the music died"

    Aug, as do many others I hope you will check in and keep in touch with some of us.

    yarddog6@hotmail.com i'd like to here from you when ever you want.

    thanks for all the help and encouragement you've been to ME.

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    hey augidog

    not an easy THING
    reading your story on this early morning
    yes many of us were beaten hard back in the 50s and 60s
    now today parents don't seem to whip enough -- and some never hardly punish

    it can be ((very hard)) -- may take a long time and much work -- but I have found
    that it is important to find forgiveness for these ones
    that have harmed us so seriously
    as we get closer to that point of true forgiveness for them in our hearts
    we experience a great relief inside
    this may take years with hard work to accomplish
    while yet for others it seems to happen almost overnight

    we are all on the road of life here
    may God be with you and guide you during your travels ...

    have fun on your MBs -- as we know -- best therapy around -----

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    Your contributions to this site will always be remembered. Best of luck with everything that comes your way in the future.
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    Sad to see you go Augi, you have made quite probably the biggest impact on the motoredbike movement. When I first joined up to this forum I always saw you as the "god" of motoredbiking with your knowledge, and still do. You will be missed by all.
    Good luck and keep riding :),

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    I think Abbey said it well: "May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” -Edward Abbey

    Ride on, brother. Ride on.
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    we all have something in common,in this case i think it was freedom to build our own conveyance and use it accordingly.job done.
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    Bless ya, bubba....
  11. loquin

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    Take care, augi. We'll miss you.

    Thanks for all you've done here.
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    later dude.
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    Take a breather, dude. There's no locks on that door and we'll leave a light on.
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    Farewell from HybriDude

    It's sad to see you go Augi and many thanks for the call sign.
  15. Augie, I owe you a great deal of gratitude, if it were not for you and Roy Carpenter I would still be on the outside looking in ! your projects will always be on my high priority list and I hope to hear from you often ! Enjoy the summer bro ...
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    an apology to my friends

    dang, i meant to conclude with this, and i can't believe i left it out:

    all said & done, all THINGS considered...

    i think MB'ers are the most amazing group of people on the PLANET!
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    Well it sadens me to no end the back stabbing,false friends and the "snake in the grass" behavior happening out here in Ocean Park! As some of you can see I am no longer a Moderator for this forum...I could not stand the "back biting" that some members from the PNW Riders were procuring around here, and carying onto this forum. Augi and I have had our differences, however I am happy to call you my friend Augi! I will stand by you, cuz if it weren't for you there would be no "riders" You inspired all of us in OPK...some of us got our first "happy time" at the same time!:rolleyes7: For you to put yourself out there on front street in itself is quite awesome...it explains alot. I wish you well in all your endeavors and hope to see what come to light in the future!:whistling:BE safe:helmet: