Going over 30 MPH


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10:58 PM
Apr 4, 2008
Wichita, KS
Ok, I weigh 220 lbs - and the only real performance mod I did was to open the restrictor plate - and I can get up to 40 MPH on a windless day, flat road, full throttle.

But here is what I notice - after I hit 30 MPH with the throttle fully open, the Whizzer (2007) starts to sputter a bit -instead of running smooth it starts to miss a little bit. So let's say I am full throttle and I hit 35 MPH - and then instead of going full throttle I let off just a bit - the Whizzer will stay 35 MPH but the sputtering/missing goes away. It's only when I am open full throttle and over 30 MPH?

Any thoughts? Is this normal?
Hi moon before you jet up try removing chrome cover from air filter ,it seems to cause A air terbulance above 36 mph..let me know if you see a change Bill Green
over 30 OMG

Carefull not to void your warranty there hot rod. No warranty coverage for their 30 mph maximum speed autoclutch. At least not for me...
Carefull not to void your warranty there hot rod. No warranty coverage for their 30 mph maximum speed autoclutch. At least not for me...

:LOL: That first sentence sounded like something out of Talladega Nights and me laugh!

Well, I am not looking to have the fastest Whizzer around - 35 MPH would be my max on nearly any given day - hopefully that extra 5 MPH would not affect the autoclutch too adversely.

Bill - I will remove the air cover and see what happens. I never thought about that - I am not sure it will help though since the sputtering stops when I let off the throttle a little bit but stay at the same speed. But I'll try anything once!


I removed the air cleaner cover - nothing changed - so maybe it is in the jetting. And I actually like the way it looks without the air cover too.

I didn't figure it was the air cleaner cover as I could do lets say 38 MPH and get there with the throttle opened wide - but it sputters from about 30 MPH+ with the throttle wide open. Now I back off the throttle just a bit and maintain 38 MPH (or anything between 30-40 MPH) and no sputtering at all.

Nothing too disconcerting - it just kind of feels/sounds strange when it is doing that.
Hi MoonKS,
I will take a different approach to your problem. Use a smaller main jet [86 or 88]. The motor will run like carp if the main jet is too large. Most companies ship with a main jet too large because it is safer for them. I will take a few moments to explain the way most carburetor work so that it will be easier for everyone to "dial in" the carburetors. From closed to 1/4 throttle the air fuel mixture is controlled by the cut in the slide and the pilot and air/fuel idle mixture screw. From 1/4 to 3/4 the mixture is controlled by the needle, and 3/4 to open the main jet controls the mixture. If the main jet is way too large it will have an effect at all throttle settings.
Zombie is correct Whizzer will not warranty their automatic clutch if you exceed the 30/35 MPH range, however I will honor all warranties on the automatic clutch if purchased from me in the past. Please look for a post I will write about the Whizzer Automatic clutch.

Whizzer Outerbanks,