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    My aim is to commute to and from work for as big part of year as I can, living in Iceland. I enjoy doing what other people think impossible. I am also an environmental enthusiast and want to provoke the guyes that drive two km to work in a big wehicle. Does anyone have recommendations on GEBE engine, bicycle, clothing and phsychological instillation that would be appropiate in northern conditions? I already have a Trek mountainbike and a GEBE Robin Subaru 025.


    Pétur Ingi
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    How cold does it get in Iceland?

    I have two sets of cold weather gear, one gets worn down to about 0C and the second gets worn below 0C.

    1. Headband, leather gloves, sweater, coat, long underwear.

    2. Wool facemask/head covering, snowmobile gloves, sweater, coat, one or two layers of long underwear.

    I just picked up some cheap goggles, I think they will help a lot.

    I usually don't ride a bike when the roads are icy or snowy. I used to but I have fallen on the ice a few too many times, it is very painful. Rain is an entirely different matter than real cold weather, the snow just bounces off.

    For light rain and drizzle, a ball cap and raincoat are about all you need. For heavier rain, a poncho type rain cape is about the only thing that I have found that makes commuting bearable in rain.
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    G'day Pétur & welcome to MBc.
    I live in Australia so i'm sure my advice would be invaluable....i remember like one time i nearly had to put on a jumper. :)
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    I think a 2 stroke engine would warm up fastest. Saab made a car with a 2 stroke engine during the 1960's. Are you going to use studded tires?
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    Thank you for this information. In Iceland it seldom gets colder than -8C because of the Gulf stream coming from the south bringing warmth. I will start commuting to work when weather gets better and then I will see how long into the winter I can use the bike.

    Best regards, Pétur Ingi
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