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  1. bakermcmahon

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    Hey, soon i'm going to be getting my first motorized bike. I live at the bottom of a quarter mile hill. According to my phone its angle is 10-18 degrees. I want to know if a motored bike hand handle the hill. Its a 80cc pre-built bike from somebody who lives in my area. If its too steep, modifications that could get it up there would be really helpful. Thanks

  2. crassius

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    first, if they live in your area have them ride up the hill while you watch

    also, if it goes up the hill when warm, you may have to start it and let it idle a min or 2 to warm it up
  3. jaguar

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    my bike could go up but only because its had every modification possible done to it.
    no way can a standard 80cc motorized bike go up a 10 degree incline.
  4. crassius

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    that's silly - must be bad gas where you are

    all bikes here go up 45degree hills at 25 or 30 mph with a rider at 150# or so - 250# riders may only get up a 30degree hill tho
  5. jaguar

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    45 degrees? sorry but I don't believe that.
    measure the hill angle before starting to throw out fictitious numbers.

    The hilly area I lived in was at 8000ft altitude which robbed power and my engine is 55cc. Before modification it couldn't climb 10 degrees. And the gas has 15% ethanol in it. But still I don't believe a 69cc can haul a grown man up steep hills.
  6. crassius

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    got touch-up paint drying right now, but will grab a camera & take pics tomorrow
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  8. 2old2learn

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    45 degrees on wet payment would most likely test my full lock up 4 WD Tundra. I'm not sure it could climb that. Dry I'd feel confident it would.
  9. V 35

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    Gearing is the issue, a small rear wheel, and a big sprocket . Be * Very * cautious decending hills I shut off engine, lock clutch, and drag coaster brake down steep hills
  10. crassius

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    looked at that site and the 32 gradient is about what we have - sorry that it looks like about 45 degrees to me - possibly just optical illusion
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    You guys are confusing "degrees" (360 degrees in a circle), with percent climbs. A 20 percent climb is a doozy, but it is nowhere near 20 degrees. A 100% climb would be 45 degrees; a 50% climb would be 22.5 degrees; a 25% climb would be 11.25 degrees.

    Percent gradiants are simple run vs. rise. A one foot ascention over a 100 ft run would be a one percent grade.

    Long mountain climbs are usually grades of 5 to 10 percent. Steep hills that make bicycling tough are usually 7 to maybe 20%. Anything over 20 percent is tough going for any cyclist and you will probably have to out of your way to find them. A 37 percent climb of any length would be a serious challenge for any cyclist!