Golden Eagle Announces the Next Generation Clutch Assembly

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    lighter by 1/2 pound, the body is a proprietary nylon composite. stronger, with a larger shaft & bearing. cooler, too...thru-venting for better clutch and engine cooling. lighter + stronger + cooler = faster & more efficient!

    now shipping with all new kit orders...there will be no increase in kit price, and cost of the clutch alone will most likely be in the same range as the previous version. this is a very impressive step-up for the GEBE drivetrain, best made better still.

    this assembly is 100% Made in U.S.A. :cool2:

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    I can see these in my future, if i buy 2 will i get a discount !!!!!!!
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    bumping for KevinK because i can't paste links. btw, i recently saw cargo-master's 2 new kits, and geez dennis has made even more improvements. larger shaft & bearing, nicer wrench for gear-changes, and servicable drum.
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    Can I get this upgrade?

    Hey Augi,

    Can I get this upgrade to the clutch system? And would it be hard to change out? And would it give me a bit more performance?
    Now remember if I can't break it no one can. I have a mechanic that can change it out and do the mods.
    1/2 pound of weight savings on the kit is huge. Folks just simply don't understand what a huge up grade this is man!
    I have a new or nearly new Robin engine and am willing to make this upgrade.
    It looks to me like the GEBE "Black Box" got better.
    Can I get one?

  6. augidog

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    kevin...brace yourself...see the already have one ;)
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    See what I know?

    See Augi,

    Its just a "magic" black box to me!
    Shows ya what I know hey!
    Ha! Ha!
    Seriously, with the new strap and with a proper mount my engine is running even quieter. In normal conditions with pedaling I am at 28 to 31 mph on the flats. I pedal the bike a lot especially at start up and on any hills and I pedal any time the bike slows down. Its a wonderful system!
    I will have to post some pics of my drive gear and drive belt. There is little wear on these items. Maybe I am missing something. I will post some pics when I get a chance..

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