Golden Eagle belt snaps with fewer than 500 miles

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    Has anyone had this problem? I thought I could save money on transportation with the GEBE kit but if I have to pay $30 every 500 miles it will really cut into that savings (fortunately this happened on a non work day and did not leave me in a lurch-I was close to home). I use my bike on road only no off road.

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    gebe belt

    What i found is that alignment is critical as the teeth do not have a lot of mesh power I had suffered from a lot of slipping but installed a spring the same diameter but one coil less and that plus giving enough assist has helped a lot I check mine after every ride and adjust by moving the engine slightly if its out of alignment .
    like any of these systems the engines are really only for assist and should not be relied on to propel you much faster than you can pedal for long periods.
    hope you have better luck with the next belt
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    Astring, that is horrible mileage on the belt. You should be getting thousands. At least 2000 if properly aligned and adjusted.
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    i have a belt that has over 3500 miles on has only begun to give in because i've been running it on "sabrina"...alignment is everything, but gearing & pedal-assist matters, too...can we have some more detail including pics of the break, please?
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    I have the same problem, abelt every 500 to 700 miles. THe solution for me was to buy a staton chain drive, Now I don't have to worry about babying a flimsy belt.
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    I have a weird computer situation, I'll try to get a pic up tomorrow. I use the normal gear (the one that the kit came with). I pedal a few times when I start but once I am going it is mostly the engine. I hope that it is the alignment (and an easy fix), I'd love to get 3000+ on a belt.
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    standing by... :cool:

    to "anyone else" watching...i'm not making it up about my 3500 mile belt (btw-i've NEVER gotten even 1000mi on any 30mph+ chain-drive without replacing or repairing something, so what's yer point?)'s all about caring for your machine & understanding the mechanics.
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    Astring, Sounds to me like you dont have a kevlar belt. I have 1200+ miles on mine with the gp-460 5+ hp. I am very easy on the throtle and always pedal up to 8 mph to start.

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    DANG!! I love them mongooses, mongai or whatever.:grin:
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    Hi Astring
    there is an easy way of checking alignment and that is to walk the bike slowly watch the belt in the drive ring from above, and if it looks to be close against one edge of the ring loosen off the engine mount bolts slightly and move the motor assy in that direction it only requires a tiny movement and then cinch the motor mounts up tight .
    As mentioned assist for the engine is key so i usually idle mine up around 12-15 mph then bring the throttle in slowly also try and anticipate any hills i usually change down to my lowest crank ring well ahead of time and as soon as my speed starts to drop off noticeably i start to assist .
    try and hear how the engine sounds in the revs if its buzzy and free sounding then its usually good for the belt but slow revving and or laboring is gonna strees the belt hope this helps
    good luck
    bye the way whats the number on your belt it should be a Gates #
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    Im very surprised the belt broke so fast. I have done somewhere around 700 miles on mine - including a fair amount of that time with a pipe fitted.

    In my area there are alot of hills and the bike seems to deal with them no problem. I have checked my belt regularly and even though its to the engine side of the gear it seems perfectly fine.

    Regarding the tensioner - if you put the bike up on a U-Stand and run the motor the tensioner should not move very far - the more it moves the more stressed the belt will be since a mobile tensioner means that the alignment is off.

    Incidentally top speed on my GEBE 32cc is now 35mph :smile: - I cant recommend tuned pipes more.

    Jemma xx
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    gates 16355M09K SPCL (then small letters) 1368MC
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    Astring, that's the same nbr I have on both of my belts, and the first one is still going strong. I took off the safety cover this am to check, lifting up the back wheel and giving a little throttle, the belt is tracking perfectly in the center of the drive gear. Yours may need a little adjusting.
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    I hope that it is just a little adjustment and my next belt gets more use.
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    So I talked to Julia today and she nailed it. I had started it without the tensioner in place (more than once). That will eat up the belt.

    WARNING: ALWAYS have the tensioner in place when starting.
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    ah, i love the learning curve.

    you will want to check the alignment closely anyway and be sure that the main mount is totally stress free.

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    What do you mean by that (give me some detail on that please).
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    remove your engine from the main mount and set it aside.

    now remove the front strap and remove the axle nuts. do the mount legs spread away from the dropouts on it's own ? if you remove the mount do the legs spring in toward each other, so that if you want to put it back on you have to spread them to get them over the dropouts ?

    either of these conditions need to be corrected. what is needed is to adjust the legs so that they fit closely over the dropouts without pressure or spread.

    additionally, you should check the top of the mount to be sure that when you think you have the legs adjusted the two engine mount bolts reveal that the mount is centered over the tire and not to one side or the other

    further, when you are satisfied with the previous steps, take the mount off and using 2 parallel lines, put the bottom of the legs on one line and see that the top of the mount is flat and parallel relative to the top line.

    you may need to repeat all the steps until you have it freed up, centered and flat.

    i know this seems extrem but in my case not being aware of it gave my first belt a 2 day 5-7mile life span.

    after this i learned the importance of trueing and locking in the drivering and managing my belt tension.