Golden Eagle Belt Wont Track on Center, Found a Solution .

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    Per Golden Eagle instruction, belt should center for maximum belt life. After 3,000 miles on my Golden Eagle, the belt keeps on tracking towards the engine side. I have already gone through a belt so I know the importance of having the belt track to the center. I followed the instruction on how to align the belt, , it still track on the engine site.
    Remove the lower mount strap and reinstall but turning it around, meaning the end of the strap that goes on the engine side will go on the other side, and vice versa. Doing this will make the belt track to the nonengine side. Remove the gear add a washer and reinstall the gear again. Mine tracks close to the center after doing this procedure.
    If the gear track on the none engine side after doing , , just add a washer, no need for the strap removal procedure
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