Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Hive, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Hive

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    You want, save $100+, cost is $450 shipped. Kit is new and complete; engine is basically just out of box, reliable, quiet, light Honda GX25, about 1.5 hours run time. Perfect engine matched color scheme. New kit contains everything you will need plus a few extras.

    Free-wheel pedal bike or motor, easy change takes seconds, so you can cruise anywhere. No drilling frame, all bolt-on, easy and takes about hour. Clutch already installed. reliable, starts immediately every time. No oil in gas.

    I ordered second new GEBE kit and engine; putting new engine and old GEBE kit on new recumbent bike. Deal saves hundred bucks to buy whatever. PayPal, MO, PC is fine. [​IMG]

  2. Tom

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    How soon do you need to sell?
  3. Hive

    Hive Guest

    Forgot tomention

    That the deal includes special throttle part for Honda that does not come with motor that allows use of most throttle cables and some extras I bought but did not use, but are not crucial to installation.
  4. Hive

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    36-spoke ring and is recommended, but GEBE will exchange for 32-spoke ring, if absolutely necessary, though they do not recommend it.
  5. Hive

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    Appears to have been purchased on eBay.

    Will remove if done-deal.
  6. Still for sale??

    Is your motor and GEBE unit still for sale?
  7. Hive

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    Engine and kit are sold, received MO today.

    Too bad, it was a eBay, buy-it-now and went on 20th or 21st early. It was a very good deal and I am going to miss that wee Honda. Hope the 33 is as cool!
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  9. Hive

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    Aye, mate,

    she's on way to gentleman from Nuh Joizey, the Garden State. (I loved that little motor.)