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Feb 28, 2012
Golden Eagle Bike Engines (GEBE) Reviews:

Other Names: GEBE, Golden Eagle, Dennis
Products: Engine kits, parts
The support has been great. the EHO35 kit is really nice. I am using the highway gear. You do not lose that much low end and it adds to high end.
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as a very experienced consumer of motoredbike kits ect, id like to make it short as not to sound like fanboyisim but its the best money ive spent in forever!! but they need more catch up time to gear up ect with there obvios increase in demand. the wait is frustrateing, but worth it!
gebe review

I like the kit but the attitude with some customer service issues was disappointing
I appreciate they have been very busy but to not be able to admit mistakes and follow through by putting them right is goodwill lost.
Golden Eagle Rock's

:cool: What can I say top of the line engines heavy duty hardware more heavy duty than most bike's and completly reliable which is something I'm not used to:smooth,clean,quite and powerfull I purchessed the PF40 a little more spendy than some,but worth every penny and then some. Shiping not a problem here for the local "PNW Golden Eagle Bike Engines" is rite down the road for me and the kit was handed to me personaly and you can't get better than:cool:
Fires up with one pull every time.
quite, clean, and 200 mpg is a fact as measured by me.
165lb rider, flat commute.

Lovin it!!

I bought a kit when their deliveries just started to slow down this spring of 2008. Because of that it took a month to get my kit. I expected that. I got the kit and had heard so much about superior quality and value that I was quite disappointed with the small amount of stuff I got for about $700.00 delivered to my door. I don't mind that they make do with fewer parts but that they charge more than an equivalent from almost everybody else is not right. I decided not to keep the kit because of the over priced plastic ring set-up that just does not look to be durable. I had read of the problems some were having with ring loosening up and belts wearing quickly and decided to go with a chain drive, until somebdy makes a better belt drive. I hope it is GEBE who does it because I did like working with the people. I am sure the ring could be made of aluminum and either bolted to the rim or made as a part of the rim. This is one way to add durability and value to the kit.
I have 4 of the gebe set ups. I must like them!

Pics of the 4.


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Well, I have to say I love this system. They are quite, strong, reliable and clean (no oil). I believe you get what you pay for and in my opinion, GEBE is the Mercedes of drive systems. I have never snapped a belt, I can't imagine how people do that unless they are using a way too powerful motor or the belt is rubbing against something. My first belt got 4000 miles and it had, I would estimate another 4000 miles of use left on it.
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