Golden Eagle Customer Service.

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    WOW I'm totally, amazingly, awesomely impressed by the customer service put forth by the Golden Eagle Company. 1 individual in particular. AugiDog. This man has literally spent HOURS on the phone with me helping me get my ride back on the road. What is so amazing about this is that my problems weren't really GEBE related, but bike related. He gladly listened and advised at all hours of the night and day. Talked me through, step by step with my problems. Augi went so far as to happily jump on the internet and search for parts and remedies for my situation. When I was working and unable to make calls, he called for me and made arrangements. Now, I ask you, if that is not CUSTOMER SERVICE I don't know what is. IMHO the entire Golden Eagle Staff from top to bottom is nothing but top notch.
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  2. Jim H

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    Augi is a big boon to gebe I imagine. They are growing so fast,sans gas prices, overall economy, that his knowledge and enthusiasm, willingness to go the extra mile well, you can't buy that. Here's to the GEBE Staff, cheers!
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    How about posting a link? I've heard of him, and seen his posts, but no banners or references to Golden Eagle...we need to make sure these guys stay in business! :)
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    Top sponsor on the left Mark.
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    thank you for the kind (and encouraging) comments :cool:
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    Its good to hear some companies still believe thats why theyre in buisiness is to serve the customer, happy customers means tomorrow I have a job. GEBE GOOD JOB!