Golden Eagle on a 700C? Long Haul Trucker?

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    I recently got a GOlden Eagle engine. it's the 32cc 2 Stroke. I'm having a great time with it after a huge pain in the a** trying to get an axle that would work. Ended up ordering the axle from Golden Eagle like I should have done in the first place.
    I'm really interested in putting a bike together that can carry some cargo around town, so I can load up to get to work and the grocery but also might take some longer weekend trips. I bought a Novara safari on craigslist for a great price but couldn't get the 36 spoke Golden Eagle Belt ring to fit the wheel. I've looked all over town for a 700C wheel with a disc brake and can't find one. Really don't think it's worth it to try and have someone build one or order one just to find that it doesn't fit either, so I"m trying to sell the Safari on Craigslist again and considering the Long Haul Trucker that I really wanted in the first place.
    I know Golden Eagle does not recommend the 700C set up, but that's really the bike I want. I was thinking that it might work great with a Tandem wheel to give it a bit more stability.
    Also know that LHT comes with 26" but REi has a 20% off deal going and they don't have the larger bikes with the 26"
    Has anyone tried this set up? Anyone working with a 700c and a golden eagle.

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    Your best bet is to use a trailer. I've done big shopping at Costco and hauled the stuff back with a trailer. Also have done much camping using one. They're around used.