Golden Eagle powered Sun Recumbent



Here are some photos of my Sun recumbent Speedster CX. The Engine is a Tanaka 32 CC. I built the fairing and am planning on making another for winter riding that will extend up and over my head to keep the cold wind off.

The rear wheel is the 105 spoked Velocity and I changed to a 2 inch wide 20" tire up front to soften the ride.

The top speed on the flats is 39 MPH and am planning on doing some engine modifications that will get my top speed up around 60 mph. More on that on a later post. The bike handles like a sports car and the ride is smooth and not too jarring for a non suspended bike.

I get lots of women asking about the bike and I have had videos made of me riding from people I have never met. They just pull up along side of me and start shooting. I am constantly amazed at all the attention this thing gets.

It is very comfortable and I often put on 50 or 60 miles a day, sometimes more on this bike. I am planning on doing a cross country ride to California and back when the engine modifications are complete this coming year. I am also planning on going to Bonneville this coming year to see if I can set a worlds record for fastest speed for a 32 CC powered weed eater engined bike.

This thing is a blast to ride and very reliable.


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