Golden Eagle RedMax 2-Stroke engine

Last April I bought a Burley Canto with a Golden Eagle RedMax 2 stroke engine. The Student I bought it from lived in a hilly area and used it to ride around campus. It's very clean. He kept it in his dorm room, and I've had it in my garage. (No grease smudges or scratches that I noticed.)

Riding with motor assist was not compatible with what I bought the bike for. I let it push me around the block once. It worked really great and didn't affect the handling of the bike any more than a bag of groceries would.

Except for starting it every couple of months, it's just been sitting on a shelf. By the way, I just got it out and it started right up.

Here's a picture. Notice the label says it was manufactured in August of 2005. And a picture of the back (gear side). As you can see from the pictures it is very clean.

According to the Golden Eagle Website, it sells for $549 plus $20 shipping and handling. Here are the specifications Here's the manual

Given it's condition, I figure it's worth at least $400 plus freight. If you are interested, please send an email or PM. Thanks, Rick

That is the same setup as the zenoah I used to have... they are indeed a good smoeth machine but I dont understand why you want rid of it...

Its worth keeping - especially since you can disconnect the belt fairly easily and free ride... and if its panniers you want to fit then there are ways this can be easily done...

I would say that $400 is a fair price for the whole bike - im not so sure it would be a good price for just the kit - because you are looking for $100 for a bike to mount it on and that makes it not much less than a new 26cc Tanaka (Zenoah no longer in production)

Jemma xx
JemmaUK, your response started out great. I don't mind disclosing that I want to sell it because I'm not using it, most likely never will, and need the money. I live in a very flat area and ride for exercise. A year ago I could barely walk. Now because I ride several times a week, it doesn't hurt to walk. The guy I bought it from went to school in a place that wasn't so flat. He needed it to in order to get from one class to another.

I don't understand why you commented about it being worth $400 with a bike? What kind of a bike? A donor bike from a dumpster? I have a Rans Stratus XP that's easily worth 5 times what I'm asking for this motor. Would you have me throw it in? I think not. Panniers? I do indeed use them - on the bike I use to ride to the store to buy milk, bread and my favorite adult beverage. But I fail to see what either of those has to do with selling this motor.

Truth is, I searched this forum to find what it might be worth. I didn't find much more than what's in the "Similar Threads" that appear below. I asked for advice about the value of the motor in my introductory post. Your response certainly would have been appreciated there.

I'm sorry for getting started here on a bit of a rant, but I think anyone offering advice about the value of an item in response to a "for sale" post is both out of place and tacky. Kind of like going into a store and telling other shoppers you think they are paying too much... I'm just trying to say I think your advice would have been more appropriate and appreciated if you offered it in a Private Message or email.

I might be asking a little much for it, or I might not. If I get a sense that my asking price is out of line, I'll eiher lower the price or accept a lower offer. Given it's almost new condition, my gut instinct is that $400 is not out of line. If someone is interested in offering a little less, they can certainly make me an offer in a Private Message or email.
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A bit of a rant?

That was bordering on offensive. Especially considering you have managed 5 posts so far its not really nice to attack other people.

My reasoning is as follows, although I dont know why I am bothering to explain.

Your price for kit only - second hand - $400
New price for equivalent Tanaka - new - $550 + $20 delivery

Therefore all in all a $150 difference.

A new bike to fit either kit will be approx minimum $100 or so... therefore in total the difference will be $70 at maximum.

At least half of that would go on ancilliaries such as lights, light set, and other parts so tell me exactly where the saving is?

That is my personal reasoning - other people may feel different - good luck with selling it.
alll he asked was, 'do you want to buy it?'
I am assuming that a simple 'no thanks, price is too high', or something like that would have been more appropriate
he has been very honest about his reasons for being here, and I don't see any reason to not sell it to someone here if he can
he is trying to sell a motor for a bike, this is the biggest group of us around, seems to me to be the perfect place to do so :LOL:
Thanks Bill. I started a "what's it worth? post" in another section of the forum, but thought duplicate posting wouldn't be a good idea. So I deleted what I wrote. I would have no problem putting it back up if someone wants to talk about it in that section. Just not "here" in the "for sale" section. I have no problem answering questions about the motor or providing more pictures here if someone is interested.
Selling the Redmax

First, what I did with my Honda 25: I sold the engine plus NEW install kit from GEBE for what GEBE would have charged less $100 and shipping. It sold via eBay. Took about three weeks.

I think what did it was the new install kit. I had the original engine box and all the GEBE stuff plus extra throttle cable. The Honda engine was worth about $225 new including shipping, the GEBE kit was $330 or $555. I sold for $450 total, shipping included. Gives you a good idea.

The right person was interested at the right time, spring. It may be easier to sell both, but if you sell the engine only, you will have to make it clear what the kit will cost and everything else easy for buyer. Making it clear and easy for buyer is best selling point.

So, what to ask for engine only? I would say it may be good time to sell on eBay, holiday time, and include shipping, which will be about $30 UPS. I would price it at about the GEBE price less $75 to $100 scoots, shipped.

Seems being high and expecting a counter offer is very rare.

I sold my Burley Sand Point for what I was asking ($500) and the buyer simply paid the price. I delivered. Bike was pristine with custom paint and buyer was an engineer and knew what was going on.

Still, you never know. And, don't worry about $50. Just figure what you paid and use common sense to market product.

If you sell local, you can also volunteer to help install engine ...

Also post in local coffee shops.

BTW, drain gas now and leave cap off tank to clear vapors. Easier to ship and legal.
Frh, near as I can tell (correct me if I'm wrong) you are only here to sell some stuff you have in your garage, not to participate in the Motored Bike community. I think it was very nice of the Moderators to stretch the rules to allow you to do that. I take offense at your tone toward Jemma.

Some words I wished I lived by more.

Don't bring your need to the marketplace, bring your skill. If you don't feel well, tell your doctor, but not the marketplace. If you need money, go to the bank, but not the marketplace. - Jim Rohn
Put it on ebay ans see what it is worth. That being what one person will pay you at any particular moment.