gonna try a sturmey archer 3 speed with SBP shift kit

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by recumbentbill, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Just ordered the sturmey archer 3 speed and the 22t cog. It comes with a 18 I think. 13 thru 23 are available. Was not sure about spoke length so I went to sheldon browns site and down loaded the spoke calculator which is really cool. It listed the sturmey dimensions in the hub section and my velocity triple V rim was listed in the rims.Real easy to use. Spoke length came out as 259mm. Its so nice not to have to deal with the bike shop dudes.
    I have been looking at different hubs 5 8 nexus and srams and the nuvinci. I decided on the sturmey because-----all parts can be had. design has been around for a looooong time.They seem to be pretty tough and the price. I don't slam the gears and I baby my bikes.3 gears should be enough for me . I realized that with the 7 cog derailleur I was only useing three gears.Time will tell about the sturmey mated with a 4stroke SBP shift kit. Will post updates about the sturmey good or bad. Just not comfortable with the deraill set up.

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    The Professor and I have both been using a SA hub on our bikes. He is using it as a transmission, and I am using it in the hub. Both seem to have good luck with them. Course we both shift like you describe. I think the Prof is using it behind a 79cc engine too.
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    What are the hub's gear ratios?

    What will your gear ratio be with your engine drive? What size is bicycle chainring?
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    You will be good using the hub in the wheel like Denny.
    I get an annoying dropping out and back in high gear after 18-20 mph.
    I think it is the rpm which is not there hub- mounted.
    Second gear is the one to one ratio. Really, the ratios seem perfectly spaced.
    Love the click shifting too.
    I'm using the HF79.
  5. The dropping in and out could be lube related or grease causing the pawls and thier springs to gum up. There is a guy on youtube that has tear down videos of the SA and planitary,pawls and lube videos too. Glad to hear two forum members that are using the SA hub
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    Actually, I don't think it is rpm or lube related. I had the same symptom although not too frequently. It doesn't seem to bother anything in 1000+ miles. To me it seemed more time related. If it pulling hard like going up hill it seems to happen at about equal time intervals. Torque doesn't seem to change the time, nor different lubes.

    I did some investigating a while back, and some one (maybe Sheldon Brown?) said it was from the pawls cocking slightly sideways. Apparently it even happens at pedaling speed and torque. They did have a fix, but that was lost when I had to reformat the hard drive on my computer.

    Prof and I are running the SA hub....the one with the under-direct-and over drive configuration. They also have hubs with high being the direct ratio. If I remember correctly, the ratios on the SA 3 speed are .6something...direct....and 1.3something. They do work nicely for what we are using them for. The Sheldon Brown site has a list of the various ratios up to the 8 speed. Hope this helps.
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    As an experiment, I actually locked the hub in high gear and it did not drop out at all. Then I thought, if I reverse the action of the shifter so it would be locked in high by the little selector, I would be golden. STILL kicked out. I gave up and went back to chain pull selector.
    I am sure it is not lube related, oil drips out when clamped in my vise.
    I keep everything oiled well.
    Thanks for the video links Bill! Will check them out.
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    Hi Bill, Have you switch to the internal 3 spd yet ?? Very interested in anyone who has used both a derailleur and a internal 3 speed.I mostly use less than 7 gears when I ride.Usually firts to third a to sixth and overdrive and speed is left for sevnth gear.I just picked up a 3 speed nexus and am curious.
  9. sturmey archer 3 speed

    Just got the sturmey with the extra 22t cog[comes with a 18t] via ups today
    waiting on the spokes to be delivered. then the lace up starts
  10. sturmey archer 3 speed install photos

    Got the sturmey archer 3 speed laced up to a velocity triple V .14 gauge spokes. I like the shifter.Shifter works out well on left side of handle bar. I find it easier than the 7 speed derailleur. Took bike for a short dark and cold test ride. I like it. Time will tell though. The sick bike parts 4stroke airfilter is sweet. Will post updates later

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    Nice. I see SA has improved the shifting mechanism on the newer hubs. Have to tell us if it *skips* too. :detective:
  12. cranbrook upgrades

    Got the cranbrook almost dialed in. heres what i did. Added a anchor?? to the sturmey hub to keep the hub from slipping out of the drop out [works good] The shift kit jack shaft would twist no matter how tight I got it. Adjusting the chains is a pain so I added a idler.And most of all I got rid of the HS142 and replaced it with the honda . next upgrade [I hope the final one] is replacing the compression springs[ Thanks to Ocscully] when they arrive. If any one is intersted in these springs[clutch uses three] I had to order $40.00 worth [min order here] which equals 18 springs. I'm using three. 15 are up for grabs. I would like to recoup my money so I will sell 3 for $15.00 + ship. PM me if interested. Pay pal only

    PS The Sturmey archer 3 spped hub is doing good so far[about 60 miles on the hub] The sturmey seems to have a good ratio. Might not work for those that like to speed shift and slam those gears:veryangry: The compression springs IMO are needed for higher rpm ingagement. The honda is a strong puller and startsup much better than the HS. The hub anchor,jackshaft adjuster and the idler are a much needed and big improvement for the CranBrook

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  13. skip

    No skips so far on my new sturmey:cool2: