Good 36 spoke wheelset for GEBE??

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by DeadBleedRed, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. DeadBleedRed

    DeadBleedRed Guest

    Does anybody have any recommendations for a good 36 spoke wheelset for the GEBE? I'm considering mounting a Tanaka 47cc Type R & know I'll need a
    solid wheel if this set up has any chance at all. I'm retiring my Dimension Edge kit due to poor performance, poor quality high dollar replacement parts, and lousy customer service. Thanks for your help.

  2. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    They are out of rear wheels ATM (06/02/07) but should have stock by this time next week. The Velocity rims come from OZ and they are hand laced with 12 gauge (.105") Wheelsmith stainless steel spokes here in The States. You will be hard pressed to find a stronger, better wheel cheaper.
    It does come with the long axel and the sheave will be installed when bought with the engine mounting kit.
    EDIT: The rear wheel is laced in a very strong 4 cross pattern.

    The belt is the only part they sell w/o a warranty. :shock: :smile: :cool:

    I did not stutter in my other post :razz: . The stock Tanaka 40 is considered the limit of the HTD kevlar belt w/6mph pedal starts and this belt is an up-grade from their XL kevlar belt. The XL did very well with the tiny 23cc stroker and was more efficient than the HTD...they lost a tad of mpg when switching to the HTD.

    You guys are on your own but please do report back with pics. I will be interested to see what happens. I might decide to go with a piped/kitted Tanaka 32 at some date.
  3. JHarkins

    JHarkins Guest

    Heavy 36 spoke rim for 47cc Tanaka

    If I could only learn to use this computer properly. As for the rim I am trying an Alexrims DM-18. This is a very heavy MTB rim from Australia. It lends itself to heavier spokes because it does not have eyelets. This will allow you to drill out the rims for 12g/.105" spokes. Enjoy!
  4. Timcycle

    Timcycle Guest

    I ordered mine from GEBE

    I ordered mine from the GEBE site. They install the proper width bolt before shipping. It should arrive today. 36 Steel Spokes.
  5. DeadBleedRed

    DeadBleedRed Guest

    I had a set of AlexRims DM18's on my electric bike & they sucked-- they were weak and always out of true. I eventually replaced them when they became unrepairable. I was very easy on them by the way, but just thought you might want to hear an opinion on them. Good luck & good biking. DBR
  6. DougC

    DougC Guest

    Just a note here--coming from the bicycle end of things (road and MTB) I have seen that the rim quality is not so important as the spoke quality. Some lower-priced bikes come with VERY cheap spokes, and it is the poor spokes that is the actual cause of rims not staying true--the spokes stretch and bend too much.

    If you're gonna build a wheel, get decent hubs (I prefer Shimano Deore) with brand-name spokes and when you pick a rim, try to find a rim that's nearly as wide as the tires you will want to run. For typical cruiser tires (2.25") that means cruiser rims.


    Most MTB rims now are WAY too narrow, many are only 1-inch when they would ride a lot better if they were twice that. If you use 2" wide rims, you can run your 2.25" tires at ~30-35 PSI and they soak up a LOT of bumps and still feel solid in turns. Fat rires on narrow 1" rims will need to be pumped up to at least 50-60 PSI to handle cornering decently, and at that pressure they don't absorb any bumps, they'll ride hard as rocks.
  7. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    My bikeshop orders me WHEEL MASTERS (Handbuilt in the USA).

    I pay him about $35-40, they are steel, so they will rust eventually.

    Specs #6459 Rear 26 x 2.125 Rim: Steel CP Hub: Steel 5/6 speed
    Spokes: 12g UCP

    Never had a bit of trouble from these wheels, as long as care is taken snapping on the spoke ring.
    The great deal I'm getting on these Sun Alum 7's is he swaps out the rear wheel, AND puts in the slime tubes and Mr. Tuffy Tireliners, alls I have to do is unfasten the brakes, zip tie the spokes (GEBES instructions are emphasizing this idea now) and snap on the spoke ring.....
  8. JHarkins

    JHarkins Guest

    good 36 spoke wheelset for gebe

    Thanks, you saved me from buying to narrow a rim! The lower tire pressure is exactly what I want to achieve. Is there a wide, strong, 26" aluminum rim? Or am I stuck with steel.
  9. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Steel took me to Denver 'n back, same wheel still on the back of Rocinante ! The Noble Nag !

    Steel is available wherever J & B importer sell parts.

    Aluminum costs double, but GEBE's has some sort of Swiss strung, packed with beargrease eternal bearings. Around $100 shipped.

    OH, and in the two kits just arrived, ZIP TIED SPOKES from the get go are highly recommended. My kit report is going to address tires.
    Think about it, if you get the wheel from a local bike shop, it might be as "true" as it everwill be. :? The kits can be a bear, getting on and off.

    My back tire weight is 9 lbs. Those racing round track bikes Dennis has in Michigan, have wheels weighin 4-5 lbs.
  10. Timcycle

    Timcycle Guest

    GEBE Wheel

    My GEBE wheel is steel spoked. I also chose to keep my Road/Trail tires. They are wider. The center of the tire has a smooth ring for road. The sides look like standard trail tires.