Good Afternoon from Georgia

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    Hey there everyone,

    Joining you from west Georgia. Currently drive a Chevy Colorado (24mpg), but have purchased a new Giant mountain bike (to replace my failing GT bike) that I use for my 2-5 mile trips to bank, post office, grocery store, etc.

    I'm in the process of finding the perfect motorized bike for the longer commutes for my job (10-20 miles, in a suit, so I won't be soaking wet with sweat and stinking when I arrive!). I've been debating the 2-cycle versus 4-cycle, but am leaning toward one of Spooky Tooth's 2-cycle cruisers that I think will fit my needs. Any and all sugestions are welcome, 'cause I'm new to the sport (or should I say 'way of life'?:smile:)

    Thanks everyone!


  2. augidog

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    when i see "long commute" i have to call attention to the golden eagle setup...
    sorry for the pimping, but i think you should seriously consider all the options...the 2-stroke tanaka's are epa/carb labeled, & will get you to work on time, every time...and it's a very clean system...the suit will still be lookin' good when ya get there :)

    no matter your final choice, we want you to have (safe) fun..."new" means read read read about going 30mph on a bicycle...

    welcome aboard :cool:
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  3. mark2yahu

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    I'm partial to the Subaru motors. Hondas i've heard are just as dependable. If you go the 2-stroke route, definitely the Tanakas as augidog has described.