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I've been pouring over the forums the past couple days. Getting all sorts of ideas and really just can't wait for that insurance check to finally come through so i can get riding.

One thing i have yet to find though while searching here is a collective list or recommended "hassle free" frames to bolt on the do it yourself kit. I've seen a lot of people use mountain bikes but have also seen a little quirky problems they encountered that generally had to do with frames or picking the wrong frame.

Long question short. Of the bikes you find at Wally World does anyone know which ones would give a generally painless install.

I know those bikes and most of those frames are trash for normal riding let alone with a engine, but at this point to "get my feet wet" as it were. No welding, i've never welded (though from what i'm reading it looks like eventually i'm going to have to figure that one out too..)

80cc specifically because its bigger
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I get Wal Mart bikes to build for people who don't want to spend big $$ on a bike....I recommend the silver Roadmaster mountain bike (the one that sells for about $63...The bike is OK for puttering around....the oversized down tube will require that the tube be dented with an ball peen (or indented with a vice/clamp) so that the engine studs straddle the frame (not enough room to use the other adapter in the kit)....Also the air filter will be a very tight fit requiring that the little tubes be cut /ground down....I've built about 7 bikes of this model for various customers. FWIW I have looked everywhere for
low cost bikes that are readily available (Target, Sears, Kmart, Toys R us ) and that Wal mart bike is the lowest cost bike that will work (I use Dax 70 on all bikes)



Ok sofar good easy bolt on frames

Beach cruiser frames in general (from what i've seen and gathered around)
Old huffy's with round tubes when yardpicking
Silver roadmasters.

Thanks norman for the PM.


It seems that if you want any suspension or gears in a commodity class bicycle, they all have the large down tubes that prevent using the native mount on the front of a HT.

I have enjoyed my Skyliner so far but it did require minor fabrication on the front mount.

LiveFast sells a couple of different prefabbed front mounts. The one I made looks like their "deluxe" version, just not as tidy.

Slightly OT but if you follow that link, check out the clam-shell sprocket adapter. I can't figure out how it works.