Good brand of canned spray paint for tank?

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  1. ChiefGeek

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    I want to put a coat of nice black metal-flake coat of paint on the stock black tank I received, can someone recommend a good brand and where to find it (locally preferred), thanks!

  2. V 35

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    I'm unsure of what ' Black ' Metalflake is . Do you mean Silver Flakes on a Black tank ? Black Flakes would barely show on a black tank.

    I recommend buying a second tank to ' build up ' keep your existing tank, so you can ride. The trick to a fuel proof paint job is lots of curing. I recommend at least 3 months in the shade, to allow all solvents to escape . Hobby Shops sell model car paint in a bewildering assortment of finishes, everything from Military Flat to ultra fine metalflake. Use only one brand of paint to ensure compatibility.
  3. ChiefGeek

    ChiefGeek New Member

    When I said black metalflake, I meant black with silver flakes in it. I'll check the hobby shops thanks. I thought there might be a tried and true specific spray paint that others have used and recommend.
  4. pwr2wh8

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    assuming you found the paint color you want, be sure to protect it from gas spills. i'd definitely recommend to spray an automotive quality clear such as a 2k clear.
  5. V 35

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    Prepping and priming are where its at. A well sanded, thickly primed, tank will glow when buck a bomb paint goes on. Using good paint on a poorly prepped tank is a waste of good paint. Radiator Paint [ paint store ] hides flaws in metal, has an alloy like glow, tough as H ***
    Rustoleum has a new line of tough paints. Did my truck bumper [ chrome ] and Grille [ plastic ] recently ... time will tell