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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikesova, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Today, I bought a used Huffy "Good Vibrations". It's black, the body is in good shape. There is a little surface rust on the wheels that will probably come off with some steel wool. It has a nice wide gel springer seat (the main reason I bought it) It has some decent whitewalls. A nice looking bike in good shape. It looks like it used to have fenders which are no longer there. It's older and I believe made in America, it's got the US flag on the sticker on the headset. I paid 60$ Did I get a good deal? average? screwed?

    I plan on putting the white walls and seat on my schwinn that I'm working on. I'll probably set this bike aside in case I want to build another bike.

  2. Mountainman

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    just a guess

    let's put it this way -- it all depends on how much one wants that bike

    if there was a blue book regarding bicycles
    maybe there is somewhere ??

    I would say the low value (worth) would be 25 dollars

    with a high (depending upon condition) 100 dollars

    so to Mountainman anyway -- it looks like you came out in the middle

    ride that thing
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    Lets put things in perspective. Take bike, add motor then ask yourself the same question while tooling along with a big ol grin on your face. Bet the 60 bucks will be the last thing on your mind.