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  1. PantherCity

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    My friend and I just recently stumbled across idea of motorized bikes and to tell the truth, we have both fallen madly in love with them. That in mind we are in the R&D phase and will be updating as frequently as possible on our progress.


  2. Ghost0

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    Welcome! If you need any assistance or want to bounce ideas off of any of us just give a shout.
  3. PantherCity

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    Thanks Ghost. I just ordered the Grubee 49cc 4G kit as well as a new set of rear brakes. We're going to test it out on my mountain bike frame first and then hopefully find a vintage cruiser frame. Any worries on older bike frames aside from rust?
  4. Ghost0

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    Small tube diameter and brakes would be my biggest concerns on older cruiser frames. Some of the older frames used 1 inch tubes and those a pretty small to offer the strength needed and can cause some fit problems with the engine mount clamps. Concerns over brakes should be obvious.
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    Welcome aboard!

    There are some great people on this forum who will help with most any questions you have. I'm new here too, happy motoring! :devilish: