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    Hell Low friendly nature lovers!

    It's a great pleasure of mine to see you all happily pedaling away..
    little motors purring like kittens..
    confused cyclers turn their heads..
    puzzled looks on law enforcement..
    toddler on tricycle stares in disbelief..

    Ahh such sensational experience! Keen on joining you very soon!

    So glad I discovered this forum.
    If I were to tip my hat every time I learn something new I would go broke replacing worn hats!


    I set my mind on building a motored velomobile with tadpole configuration.
    Engine assisted velomobiles are quite rare. Maybe that's because Europeans don't venture outside of their 25 km/h regulation so unfairly imposed on power assists.
    I prefer to take the law into my own hand.


    Build something like this completely from scratch!

    Here's my thought process so far

    Honda GX35 with fixed ratio preliminary reduction drive(chain or belt), coupled with Nuvinci N360 and 20inch wheel.
    It is an impractical and futile gesture to try to eliminate freewheel ratchet mechanism. I will go with Shimano Ultegra 6700 for the rear hub as used in Cannondale Supersix. Engine and drive are completely insulated from cabin so ratchet noise from rear should be minimal.

    It is immediately evident that there must be a device to separate engine drive and pedal drive.
    I like to think of my engine as a hamster turning the wheel. Fortunately the hamster has a clutch that disengages below 4200 rpm. I can live with the gearbox turning when I pedal.
    Some measures must also be provided to my legs.

    Until this point I've come with relative certainty in my mind.

    How do I connect freewheel to crank? What specific freewheel? Is there even a method?
    Well there must be or otherwise this forum wouldn't exist.

    Dead End

    Dear friends I humbly ask of you to review/advise my process!

    ps. Bimoto is too expensive for me. I have yet to figure out it's exact mechanism.

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    I have seen a lot of electric velomobiles but few gas assisted. its very doable. An axle mounted engine may work best and kits are available.
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