good deal?

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    looks to be a good base for a 4 stroke build. I don't like that v angle for a 2 stroke though
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    good deal

    Yeah gonna put an HS in there seemed to have everything for a good price,and it has to be better than all those cranbrooks i've been seeing.Unfortunately i have the dreaded chain drive gearbox,but found an old thread by tad bit tipsy,that said he swapped the chain for an HD chain and got some good life out of it.we'll see i guess
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    yeah, i saw your glendale and thats how i figured it wouldnt hold a 4 stroke or i would have built one.i definately will swap out the pads.still waiting for it to arrive at the store.I really like the way that glendale looks and will probably build one next.thanks for the info ,cyclon.
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    I had a cranbrook for over two years, I will admit the stock wheels were not great, the stock seat was horrible and I added a suspension fork for more comfort, but the frame itself was magnificent. And it would hold a 4 stroke nicely.