Good/decent quality 2 stroke kit?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bikejock, Jan 29, 2015.

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    I am starting a build on a GT Dyno Deuce cruiser soon. I would like to put a 4 stroke on it but I think the frame didn't have enough space as 4 strokes are much bigger and usually need more frame space but I have seen 2 strokes on the Dyno Deuce before. I had a 2 stroke before but I think it was a bad poorly made kit as I just ended up selling it when it started having serious quality problems. I've heard of cheap kits vibrating to much or having piston problems and etc. I'm looking for a 2 stroke 50cc or under that has the least vibration and best quality for under $200.

    Also tips on mixing gas & oil (as its been a while since I had to mix gas) and other maintenance tips would be appreciated. I'm also thinking of getting a pull start for the 2 stroke as it's easier on the rear wheel from what I hear and I want to take the best care of the Dyno Deuce as its harder to find replacement parts for that bike but it's a good quality bike.

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    Once again, all of the China made 2 stroke kits are about the same.....advertising means pay your money and take your chances..Leave the pull start alone, you'd need a wider crank kit and you are simply asking for more trouble...
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    Ok so I'll leave the pull start idea out for the 2 stroke. Any thoughts on the GT5 2 stroke kit from It looks good and people say it has a good amount of power in the reviews. Plus I like the looks of the cylinder head. It also looks like it would go great with the dyno deuce I'm getting. Heres a pick of the GT5 kit. GT5 kit.jpg
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    Most kits I've seen run $140 shipped. So you save $10 and get a high compression cylinder head. More compression means engine wear for a probably unoticable gain in speed. You also might need compression tester to check everything is ok. I would stick with the stock setup. Some parts are made of cheap plastic and don't even make it to your doorstep unbroken. My kit had a bad throttle cable which delayed the build, and you might want to foolproof your build with locktiting bolts and other basic mods. Get it running before you want to try tuning. It's better to work from a running engine than taking a shot in the dark if you are new to these. Then try an expansion chamber. If you want to go with the cylinder head after, it would be great to go ahead and fully port the engine and test its heat, compression, smaller sprocket and either replace or finetune the carb. For vibration, any seat with a suspension (not a racing seat) will get rid of vibrations enough that it's not an issue.
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    I have this engine, mine came with the stock head installed. I received mine in sept. 2014. I have plenty of power with the stock head, so I haven't put the other head on yet. I have bought two kits from gasbike, and have had good luck with them. I just ordered another engine, but I found one that was 30 dollars less than gasbike so I will try it. My GT5 is a good reliable engine, and have no complaints about
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    So the GT5 it is. seems to have a good reputation from what members have said. The other kit I had on my first 2 stroke wasn't very good as it wasn't able to start after the first ride because the chain kept getting jammed in the gear box.

    The chain tensioner also had trouble staying on and broke two of the spokes on the rear wheel of my old bike but that could have been me adding to much tension and not enough slack on the chain.

    I'm getting a spring loaded tensioner with my next 2 stroke bike. Does anyone know where I can find a sprocket idler wheel? Those nylon wheels felt pretty cheaply made.
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    You can get an idler sprocket from Stanton inc., or omb warehouse. All the kit chain tensioners, and spring tensioners need to be very tight or they will pull into your spokes. Make it a habit to check mounting bolts regularly. If you have access to a welder, it wouldn't hurt to tack the bracket so it can't move.
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    I would go for the Flying Horse because it apparently has better bearings
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    Quick question about exaust emmtions certifications.

    Will I be able to have my engine from gasbike certified so I can register the bike in California?

    I know california has some pretty strict laws regarding exaust emissions but they are very vague and hard to understand when it comes to mororized bicycle engines. It makes it next to impossible to know wether or not I can have a motorized bicycle registered in California with or without CARB/EPA certification.

    I want my motorized bicycle registered with all plates tags or whatever I need. I've heard the horror stories of people getting hefty finds and allot of tickets and even their bikes impounded because they weren't registered, motor was to powerful to not have a licence, etc.

    Allot of those stories may just been croocked cops looking to meet their ticket records or whatever but I would rather do everything I can to avoid getting pulled over for any reason.

    From what I understand a moped that doesn't need a license requires less than 2 horse power 50cc or less engine size and have fully operative petals. From what I can understand on gasbike none of their 2 stroke kits seem to meet the California definition of a no licence no insurance moped.

    Allot of 2 stroke kits seem to be "66/80cc" or have 2.5 or more horse power. Looks like if I do get a 2 stroke kit I would need an M2 licence to ride it as they are to powerfull and to large to qualify as a California no license/insurance needed moped.
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