Good Karma bad Karma



Well, As some of you know I sold the bike I had for 750 dollars. That was cool except the check bounced over the bank and the guy had no choise but to give the bike back. That was cool cause I missed it and wanted to ride anyway and was really kinda glad it worked out that way anyhow. Then on the second ride after return the thing was running good and I was going 30 or more when the chain snaped and stuck in the front sprocket and locked the motor . That caused the engine to bust loose from the front motor mount and jump sideways for a split second. I busted loose from the seat and landed in the ditch on my back. I went down pretty hard and am quite sore from the insident. Today I limped to the Farm and Fleet and found a size 40 chain????????? It looks to be the right size only wider a little bit. I'm not sure but it may work . It looks much stronger. Can anyone tell me the size I'm supposed to be looking for? Please E-mail me with any info....... Tom in WV driving a VW P.S. I'm back like it or not!!!
that's gonna leave a mark, must of kinda scarred the sh t out ya. hope you get better man.
well, i'm glad you're back, whether you like it or not :)

hope your back's ok :???:
Tom, glad you're O.K.

I asked about chain size here before, I think the answer is still around here.. 40? 410? Call Dax?
Hi Again, I guess I'll survive the crash . The bike is in better shape than I am. It needs the chain and an easyout to remove the broken motor mount stud and it should be back on the road again. I on the other hand can't ride due to back problems.also my left knee it already in a brace and hurts with a constant throbing . I had just started wearing my helmet and it has another nice chip on the back. Thank God I had it on. Thats for sure. That reminds me of when I was 16 years old and walked into Blaylocks Cycle and looked on the wall at a poster ad that was an egg that had bin droped and broken. The cap read " All the Kings horsemen and all the King men, Please wear a helmet!" They sold me a used Bell helmet for 10 dollars ,that I still have, and saved my life more than once thats for sure. Anyhow I'll keep looking for the right chain and should have the bike rolling again soon ... All the best to you and yours ...............T
all i can tell you for sure about the chain size is: the HD one that comes with a dax 70 is 415.
First and formost let say that I am glad you are okay, and that I hope you heal quickly and get back in the wind soon!
I'll ask that y'all forgive me but I feel the need to express myself on the issue of safety for a moment.
This is why i wear my motorcycle gear no matter what the vehicle is. Hittin' the ground at 25-30 m.P.H. is still hittin' the pavement at 25-30 miles per hour no matter what the vehicle is.
I may look silly wearing my body armor on a little motored bike, but I like to make sure, ya' know?
Please, PLEASE everyone- let's be as safe as we can, so we can continue to enjoy this hobby for as long as possible...
I'd even recommend the riders safety course, I learned a hell of a lot through taking that course and it has helped in many instances.
Heavy shoes or boots, heavy jeans, gloves, helmet, safety glasses or riding goggles, and protective jacket. That's just me, but that's how I roll.
I can't ( and i wouldn't presume to, it's a free country and only you can decide for yourself) decide for anyone else how to roll, but I am about safety while having fun with my face in the wind, and so I had to say something on the subject.
Take care and get healed soon, summer is just around the corner.