Good Light for the 20 Mile Commute.



i've been working on a system, rather than repost, here's the link...towards the end i discuss a battery/charger/headlight combo that's worth the money and weight...get to work and back with a full-tilt 55W halogen headlight clearing your path, it's an attention-getter for sure :eek:

i'll be happy to talk about it here also from the commuter's point of view :)
is this what you're currently (pun fully intended) using now, or intend to get? i've been in and out of here so much, i dont know who-has-what anymore
i'm running this headlight setup now, and i love it :)

of course, anyone who can recharge while at work could easily
be lit (don't you dare say it:p) for a 45 mile commute at 30mph :cool:
sounds like expectant dad anxiety to me :LOL:
(spunout's gf Megan is due any day :D)

I am not able to drive due to visual impairment (long story), so if it wasn't for my mb, I would only be able to get around with a drive from someone else (the town I live in has 2x as many hills as it does level areas, so pedalling gets old fast)
I am desperately waiting for a reliable 4stroke frame mount, (not to belittle racks, just not into the aesthetics), that I can afford, even tho I love my happy time, I just am not feeling the reliable vibe from it
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so, does anyone wanna talk about commuter-lighting?

bill, i take it you don't nite-ride? i still recommend this system because it sure does help everyone else see i recall, you use a similar setup :)
I have been searching for my post on my and azvinnie's lighting (can't find it)
I NEED lots of light to ride at night...I only have use of one eye, and it is extremely sensitive to light so the lens is as dark as the optician can make it (ever try to wear shades in the get my point)
my solution is a driving light housing (from any auto supply), a 10 watt halogen light bulb from the hardware store, slightly modded to fit, and a 12v 7ah battery (charged when below 12 v)
it works well enough that I got pulled over by one of sheriff joe's finest the other night because he thought I was on a motorcycle and had no plate
he said "oh, it's a bicycle, you're cool to go" , I said thanks for the compliment on my light, me and my son-in-law designed it"

oh yeah, I get 4-5 hrs run time between charges
i found an old post with your system (IMG tags "grandfathered" in from old 'board, for those wondering) looks like you guys were using a 5A battery then...have you upgraded?

me and vinnie have been thru numerous batteries
tried 5ah...died too fast, 12ah too expensive and size was too big
the 12v 7ah seems best compromise (lasts a good length of time and size isn't too bad)