good news for peopla in niagara region and possibly the rest of ontario



Well I spoke to the police after cruising the speed limit (50 km/h) beside two police cars for 10 km's. I stopped for a coffee and asked a different officer than the ones i was riding with ( he was a superviser) if i can get in any trouble riding and he said nope i'll be perfectly fine as long as i have lights at night and a helmet all the time wooohooo.
the 3 yr Ontario pilot program is for e-bikes (electric motor assisted bikes) only, not intended for gas or other type powered bicycles. It concludes around October 2009 I believe.
That is good news...... I see guys on motored bikes zipping around up here with no plates on there bikes and no one seems to care i'm hoping they have the same opinion when I try riding mine. Thunder Bay has a wide assortment of allys and back roads though that with a Light I should be able to navigate without ever seeing a cop. Still If I want to go somewhere more public or get to some of the snowmobile trails I will have to ride on roads so I hope that they don;t start craking down soon... The other day I even saw a guy on a scooter with no plates so chances are cops won't crack down so long as where not idiots.
that guy you saw on a scooter, it might be an electric bicycle designed to "look" like a scooter. a Toronto store sells close to 1,000 electric bicycles a yr, many of the design of a scooter. they get pulled over many times a day by cops thinking they are gas scooters only to learn they are electric, then they need to be schooled on the Ontario alternative vehicle laws.

some ride them on bike paths and yes they are allowed on them (anywhere a bicycle can go), but ppl not knowing better think they are azzholes riding gas scooters on the paths and yell/throw things at them.

anyhoo, no license req, no plates either, really all ya need are to be 16+, and a helmet. Its a pilot program expiring around Oct 2009
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