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    Thursday, July 24, 2008.

    An article in the Pekin Daily Times about scooters has an insert giving details about licensing. This insert says at the bottom, "Information from the Illinois Secretary of State's Office".

    Then it goes on:

    State motorcycle licensing requirements

    150 cc or more requires a Class M drivers license

    Motor driven cycle (aka scooters) 1 to 149 cc: Requires a Class L driver's license.

    Motorized pedalcycle must meet the following criteria to NOT require a Class L license (cannot be plated)

    then it lists the standard stuff, 50 cc, 30mph, 2 horsepower, no shifting gears

    it goes on:
    The cycle must meet all four standards or is considered a motor driven cycle and requires a Class L license. Basically rules of the road are the same as for bicycles and the driver does not need any special license classification.

    In my searching Sec/State handbooks and website, I've found nothing that states it all this clearly. But my hat's off to this paper for finding it.

    I can see no other way to interpret this than as a clear, legal distinction between mopeds/scooters on the one hand and motor assisted bicycles on the other.

    Looks like this is an MB friendly state.

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    Scan and post please.
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    Yup, that's the article. but the info I typed in was in a seperate box next to the article.

    I would scan and post, but have no scanner.

    Tell you what, I'll type it verbatim. Won't take long....

    Wait a minute...No, I won't. It contains a bunch of instructions on bicycle safety and such. Not worth it. But the stuff I typed above gets to the heart of the matter.

    And it really does look as though they are defining motor assisted bicycles as bicycles and nothing more. And these words are credited to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office.

    This little box is titled "Two-wheeled regulations". Maybe it can be found at the paper's web-site? I'm going to try after I finish typing this, but I don't know if I can figure out how to link it. But I'll try. Wish me luck.
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    The laws are so vague that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to interpret what the **** they are. I've been back and forth...have called the Sec of state who referred me to the state police, etc. What I've found is that it's a vicous circle and NOBODY knows what the freakin' law states. At one point, there was a seperate license plate specifically for motorized bicycles. I don't see that anymore. I can't even find a plate for mopeds....I'm thinking they give them a class L plate as they are under 150cc's. It's a mess, really. My hope and bet is that IF I ever get pulled over, the officer will be just as unclear on the law. The law is NOT clear.

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  6. Not yet had some trouble with my clutch last night, it seems to have come appart somehow. I need to pull the engine off and check it out. I was really upset I had just worked out the throttle and was ready to put on a handle bar mounted kill switch and head on gown the road. I will get it worked out this weekend.

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    Ahh..that DOES suck! Well, keep me posted....I'm curious to see what happens in Hangover Park. :)

  8. There are never many cops around where I live which is close to Schaumburg, they usually hang out over near Lake Street where they are needed.

    But with my luck the first time I hit the street one will round the corner behind me!
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    Where are you in Hanover? I grew up in Schaumburg and I'm pretty familiar with the whole area...

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    bluegoatwoods -- maybe best -- print out the parts of the law which you like best -- carry them with you just in case. Here in Ca. I have gotten some different opinions -- yes even from our main state DMV office. I took the best -- have them printed out -- will see what happens if pulled over ? Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    That's a GOOD idea! I'll probably do that, too. Let me know what you use to carry around bluegoatwoods......


  12. Now you will have something to put in the bags on your bike.