good news! Neb. town okays ATVs on streets

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    Got this from NPR.

    Alliance, Nebraska (about 9000 pop.) has legalized ATVs on their streets. I got the impression that it's in western Neb. They mentioned that a handful of other towns have done the same. Apparently the motive is to allow people gas-saving alternatives to the automobile.

    Maybe we'll start seeing more and more places legalizing ATVs and golf carts and such. That can only make us safer.

    They did quote a guy from the Consumer Product Safety Commission saying that this is unsafe because (paraphrasing a bit) "these tires and suspensions are not safe on pavement. They should be on grass and dirt." But I've always thought that arguments of this sort were really just camouflage for "it's inconvenient for motorists to share the road". Looks as though $4.00 fuel is a powerful counter-argument.

    (side note: it seems as though the cagers have gotten a bit better about sharing. But there's still that minority who don't try very hard to share. And there's still that rotten bunch who get mad at you for just being there.)

    If our roads get more and more economical, low-powered, low-speed vehicles on them, will this be an inconvenience for the automobiles?

    Ohhh, what a pity!

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    Shuush! Don't tell everyone about this here. The population there will soon be 21,000.
    Many people dream of riding care free from police and cagers, LOL.
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    That is so sweet!!
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    ATVs on streets -- that's a very cool thing happening there ----------

    hope no silly ones -- spoil it for all...

    in our county town -- couple of months back
    two ATVs were driven into a high school event with injuries cause to a few innocent


    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    Yep, here's the skinny on on this ordinance:

    While kcmcf (Kevin) and I have to wear a DOT approved helmet while on our MB's or a motorcycle, the Alliance PD recomends that a helmet be worn on an ATV. Something's wrong with this picture? Nebraska is a Helmet Law state!

    And, yes Mountainman there are morons riding ATV's. Saw one guy with three kids on it with him!

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