Good news: Worksman industrial cruiser and Hua Shueng 49cc 4-cycle CAN be done

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    I've read that there is some concern that a Worksman industrial cruiser won't work with the taller Hua Shueng 49cc 4-cycle (which I have). I just got off the phone with Worksman and if you request a custom industrial cruiser they can remove the middle bar for no extra charge, leaving plenty of room for the motor.

    You must order yours over the phone, rather than on the website, to get the custom build.

    Here's a picture of the 20" frame with the middle bar. You can see how that might interfere with a taller motor:

    Pirates also sells motor-ready bikes, but I don't see any mention of whether the 4-cycle works:

    So I'm likely going to get a custom Workman. Whew! That middle bar was my biggest concern.
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  2. Max-M

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    Good deal! I really liked the idea of using a Worksman when I first started planning a MB build. The quality of those bikes is said to be superb. "The Humvee of bicycles," said the New York Times. And American made.

    The lack of space for a 4-stroke made me rule out Worksman, though. That was smart of you to request the custom frame -- and great that they'll do it with no upcharge.

    I wanted a high-quality cruiser, though. And what seemed like the best choice to me (as far as new bikes) was the 2012 Giant "Simple Single" aluminum-frame cruiser, and I bought one back in October 2011. My 4-stroke build with the Giant is just about ready for the road (a few final glitches need to be ironed out).

    Best of luck with your Worksman build.
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    My only concern now is the motor mount. Does anyone know of a longer motor mount? I'm guessing it won't be long enough. On the 2 cycle builds they remove the chain guard and install a smaller chainwheel:

    Suppose I could do that, but I'd be more comfortable just installing a longer mount. Does anyone know one?
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    Plan "B" is to cut the mount in half, add in some bracing to bridge the gap (necessary?), drill new mount holes. I can use the mount screws themselves and go through two U-shaped metal braces.
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