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    This was in my local news service

    Moped Bob
    by Castanet Staff - Story: 40763
    Jul 23, 2008 / 1:35 pm

    You've might have noticed Moped Bob cruising down the streets of Kelowna on his bike.

    Bob Spracklin owns one of 20 moped bikes in Kelowna. In a nutshell, he purchased a small engine (49.9 CC), installed it on his old 12 speed bike, threw on a few lights and voilà .

    "It's a peddle assist motor so it's legal," says Spracklin who is now selling the kits for $500.

    "I've had a motorbike cop pull up beside me who waved me down because I was going a little too fast down Springfield, but it's not a problem."

    Spracklin says he gets about 340 kilometres to a gallon.

    "A tank of gas will last me up to two weeks. It cost me about $7 a month for gas. It's cheaper than taking the bus."

    Spracklin says some moped bikes can hit 60 kmh which catches some motorists off guard.

    "People cut you off because they don't expect a bike to be going that fast. Some tell me how fast I'm going or just wave."

    Spracklin figures he's also doing his environmental duty by leaving his car at home and jumping on his bike.

    "It has a two stroke engine, but it burns a lot less fuel than a car does. You're not sitting in traffic because the vehicles are parked at the lights and you're cruising down the bike lane. Overall, I think these things are helping the environment."

    RCMP Corporal, Jorge Silva, admits that Spracklin's moped bike has the police somewhat baffled. He says the RCMP follow ICBC's guidelines.

    "We're being educated as these things come out. Where there's a will there's a way and that's what we have to deal with."

    He says for now, motorized peddle bikes, would appear to be legit.

    "The bottom line is that if you're wearing a helmet, you have less than a 1500 watt electric engine or under 50 CC gas engine, and you're travelling at less than 32 kilometres per hour, you should be alright."

    According to ICBC's web-site, there are two types of motorized bikes that meet its criteria. One is a MAC (motor assisted cycle) which is a two-or three- wheeled cycle with a seat, pedals and an electric motor that is 500 watts or less. ICBC makes no mention of a gasoline motor. The other category deals with low powered motorcycles (LSM) or scooters that rely on motor power and are generally not equipped with bicycle-style pedals. It says that an LSM must be registered, licensed and insured as a motor vehicle.

    Spracklin says his mopeds do not require a licence or insurance.
    Watch the Video See Moped Bob's bike (Kelly H
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    thanks for posting

    yah have had lots of intrest from it
    the one and only moped bob
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    hey mo; that is good and informative article. what kits are you using? mitch
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    Go fast

    a go boy fast 4 stroke., do you know if it has a more common name ?
  5. Where's the link? I want to see the video!
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    am using powerking kits