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    my name is dave. i'm an old kid from florida[thats in the usa. lol]. i love hot motors. especialy 2 stroke's. always workin on one go fast project or another. race boats are my main love. been playing with go karts lately too. this is my first venture into motorized bicycle. looking foward to tweeking on that too. learning lots of cool stuff about these things from u guys. can't believe how cheesy these china motors are but what are ya gonna do. they whon't let a company build 2 strokes in the us anymore:veryangry:.

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    Hey welcome here. I suppose the thing about these chinese engines is that you can basically fit one on a bike in an afternoon and with the correct modifications you can make them reliable. There's a lot of discussion about this on the forum as you will see!
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    my first try was with a friction drive chainsaw using the clutch bell against the tire. it worked but it was a small chainsaw and the bell was to big. had to peddle up to speed and the motor was'nt quite powerful enough to maintain speed. basicaly it just made me coast farther. thought about a larger chainsaw or removing the clutch but then decided to try one of these kits. there not bad little motors they just need a little refinement.