Good Places to Get Wheels?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Hello Moto!, Apr 27, 2016.

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    I'm looking to get some wheels for my new project. I found one good place called but not sure about ordering from them. I sent a couple emails to them and it's been over a week with no response. I'm looking for a coaster brake rear and at least 12g spokes. I don't wan't disc brakes just V brake compatibility.

    I really don't want to try an build a wheel. Any suggestions on where I can find a good set of wheels, please let me know!

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    Need some for my second build so I will be keep an eye out on this thread.
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    You can get as good a wheel as you can afford.
  4. Barnfresh

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    Good looking site, offering great products! Is that your's Jeremy?
  5. It sure is! The owner of our business works hard at finding and carrying quality products as well as keeping people like me on the staff that have experience so, that we can offer the best customer service possible.
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    I guess what I am asking is what is a safe well made wheel? I have heard but do not know the ones like at King Motors have been know to crack and I sure do not want that particularly at my age. Does any one know about the spoke wheels King Motors sells?
  8. Hello Moto!

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    I have since checked out the I called them up and the owner Lynn answered. I spoke with her for a good little while and the short story is I will be getting my wheels from her website. The selection is pretty dang good and they are all made in the good old USA. She actually convinced me to go with a front drum brake so that's what I'm gonna do lol. Rear coaster and front drum. This will be the next thing I buy for my Skyhawk build.
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  10. Hello Moto!

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    Well I finally ordered a set of wheels today from I ended up going with a set with a coaster rear and regular front rim because I plan on using V brakes rather than the drum set up. I'm excited! I now have almost every component I need aside from the motor, for my Skyhawk frame build. It will still be a while before I assemble because I'm in the process of attempting something rather special with my aluminum Skyhawk frame.

    Here's a link to the wheel set I bought. It's the first set pictured on the page. Cost was $95.00 with $49.00 shipping. $144.00 total for the rims and I have a set of 2.125 tires and slime super thick tubes waiting for them! The only thing I don't have is a 1.5" rear hub sprocket adapter but that'll be picked up soon.
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    Good to see you found some wheels you are happy with. I have looked at their wheels but just do not seem to have what I want.
  12. Hello Moto!

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    Well here are the wheels I ended up goin with. I already had the tires and Slime super thick tubes. Nothin really special but in person they are seriously heavy duty for a single wall rim. Pretty happy with my purchase with Lynn at Shipping was fast with tracking update day after order. I would definitely recommend that website to anyone. Excellent!

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