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    I was hoping to get some recommendations on in depth books regarding small engines. I have the Haynes small engine repair book and in my opinion it leaves a whole hell of a lot to be desired. I want something I can really learn the inner workings, processes and terminology regarding all components and aspects of a small engine. I'm 99% sure I can tear a bicycle engine apart and put the thing back together but I don't know the names for all the working parts and how they operate completely.

    If any one can shoot me some recommendations for books that are better than the Haynes book. Please let me know!


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    Just a suggestion, but if you could find a RS eh035 in any condition, they have a wonderful service manual, detailed pics and such, tear down the engine and reassemble it.If you want to start from the basics, get a Cox .049 engine then work up to bigger 2 strokes dis assembling/assembling you'll learn everything you need.
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    gordon jennings, two stroke tuners handbook.

    definitive reading material. obviously for twostrokes.

    probably something out there on four poppers too, i dare say.
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    Thanks. That Gordon Jennings book sounds good. $90 bucks for a used copy!
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    Oh nice man! Thank you much!