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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Marktur, May 3, 2008.

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    Just wanted to start the thread. BTW - I just read about how cool Dax was about building a bike for a customer. Now THAT is cool!

    Why don't we post GOOD stuff about the good vendors here. Let's NAME THEM and POST THEIR URL's. I don't think only the trashy guys should get spidered by Google, right.

    So let's help keep the "good guys" in business...

    Post away... :)

    PS. My kit is sitting on a Fedex truck for delivery on Monday from BoyGoFast. To this point, I can say fast shipping, good communication. Hope the product follows suit... I am tempted to drive to West Palm Beach and pick up my kit, but prolly not going to so I can finish up my giant-scale Cessna 310 Twin this weekend...oh, another hobby it wife is going to love it...well, at least I won't be building my bike on the 8' long dining room table!

  2. wavygravy

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    take it to the vendor section!
  3. Alaskavan

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    Good idea to have this thread.
    Good experiences with vendors:
    I bought some HD Freewheel Hubs from Bicycle-Engines. I messed up the order. They were on the phone to me the next day for clarification, and the order was delivered pretty quickly.

    I've had to order various parts unique to my recumbent trike. Utah Trikes provides excellent service (I've had email conversations with them late on a Sunday).

    Andy at King's Sales & Service is very helpful. It's a plus when a Vendor rides, and therefor knows what you're talking about. Very knowledgeable about MotoredBikes. Quick service, too.

    The Wheelmaster builds the best wheels I've seen. Period. Good communication. A pleasure to deal with.

    I'm sure I'm missing some.
    Hint for Vendors: Communication is Key.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    It's a good idea. There is only one thing that worries me; if a vendor was to go way out of his way to help a customer and the customer then broadcasts this fact, then the vendor might find himself with a line of people demanding the same thing.

    In another thread the topic glanced at the subject of just how precise can criticism of a bad vendor be. I have a feeling that the same thing could apply here; if we are too precise in our praise it could backfire on everyone.

    RATRODER Guest

    Yes this is a good idea,I don't know if it belongs here are in the vendors area,but the best salesmen a vendor has is his/hers customers. louis
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    vendor issues, sheesh!! i long for the younger days of mb.c ! just motoredbikes & the lifestyle it perpetuated!
  7. loquin

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    I've bought two kits & various other parts from Dave Staton at, & he's been a pleasure to work with. The only problem I've had was with a remote kill switch (shorting out internally); I returned it, and he shipped another right away.
  8. I bought my Happy Time from e-bay. Don't remember the vendor. Sorry. It shipped ok and it's MOOP so that makes me happy.
    But DAX is teh rule.
    I live not too far away so that says alot. But I've also ordered a Magneto and roller tensioner from him before I realized that I can just pick it up and it shipped as promised.
    So that's my recommendation.
    And that Boost Bottle Industries guy too. Fast shipping.
  9. You bring up a good point. Duane put my bike together and offered to do it before he knew what he was getting into. Then he saw my bike. A cruiser with coaster brake but still insisted on doing it for he wanted to learn too if there would be any difficulties in his install for this kind of bike.
    And we learned a lot. Duane is a busy man which is why I was so...honored to have him do the install.
    Now if a neighbor gets wind of what Duane did for me and wants him to do his install will Duane go for it? I dunno. I think he will,but it would have to depend on how busy he is that day.
    Anything bike related I may need down the road,I know who to go to.
  10. Marktur

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    These vendors are running a business, and in these harder times, free advertising should be welcome by them....I'm sure he can handle saying no if everyone starts asking him. I can't see anyone "expecting" a complete stranger to build their bikes (free of charge), and on the other hand, if enough people do start asking him to do that, well...sounds like a new income center for Dax, doesn't it. Win-win to me. Way too much worry, I think. Nothing bad will result from people speaking well of someone or a company...

    ...that's my $0.02 :)

    Can tomorrow come any faster??? Can't wait to build my bike!
  11. bluegoatwoods

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    "Can tomorrow come any faster? Can't wait to build my bike!"

    I know what you mean...The waiting was terrible. But it was sooooo worth it.
    You'll have a lot of fun.
  12. Marktur

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    Woo-hoo! It's here!!!
    Box looked undamaged and packed well...I'll start a build thread tomorrow night, when I get a chance to unpack it and get started. (Late night at the office tonight, :( )

    Please please please....forgive me....asking in advance.....for all the "dumb" and obvious questions I may ask...