Good vendors


Large Filipino

Guest dunno.

I would say vendor forum.

I mean...the thread should say "Consumer Affairs. Let's have it!"

Some may think this is a thread that may turn this forum into our copycat forum...but I think it will just help the movement,keep vendors on their toes.


Jan 22, 2008
Yeah, I think vendor forum too. A lot of people have said that the "spirit" of MBc has gone, which to an extent is inevitable as the forum and the hobby gets so popular. This "spirit" is kept alive and boosted in general discussion mainly and a bit in the white zone. If we let all the commercialism get too out of hand in general discussion then are forum wont be any better than the other forum! Its that spirit that makes the forum so successful and such a great place to be, as gas prices go up, more people will be looking at alternative modes of transport; (everybody must have noticed the growing trend of new members). And for this forum to remain the best it must have that spirit which people like so much.
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